Monday, February 01, 2010

A bye and a draw

Gencler had the bye this weekend and have actually spent the last few days down in Antalya training, lucky buggers. Ankaragucu played out yet another 0-0 draw, this time away to Manisa. Are any of the Ankaragucu kankas going to do a report ala Eski Kanka ripping stuff out of The Hurriyet?


  1. As I wasn't able to see or listen to the match, I'm content this week to let your little post suffice. If someone else is interested in doing a report ala Eski, however, please be my guest.

  2. Anonymous11:37 pm

    I watched the highlights and we defended well and worked hard but again struggled to create or finish chances.

    The good news is we have signed Robert Vittek and excellent striker and a czech centre half aswel so looks good.

    I met Jim yesterday, what a man, thanks again for the top and scarf jim, i had the scarf on in work today


  3. Thanks for the news concerning the signings, Nadeem.

    Yes, Jim is great. We want him back. :-)

  4. Connect Kanka3:11 pm

    It seems that a lot of talent has come in to Ankaragucu recently. Hopefully, we'll score come goals next weekend.

  5. Well, not much to say about Ankaragucu at the moment ..... is there ?? Three bloody 0-0 draws is not exactly setting the blood coursing through our veins !!

    Great to meet Bellshill Kanka Nadeem and his beautiful lady Rebecca.

    A post coming up in the next few days showing Nadeem modelling his new Ankaragucu top. Watch this space !

    Ankaragucu hit the Scottish Footie News on TV with the signing of Gerimi and the Rangers guy whose name I can't remember !!

  6. Oh, I can hear Martyn's voice singing "Once a Hun always a Hun," as he did in the old days whenever he saw Gattuso play.

  7. Hi kankas. Big Darius (who is running a great blog) mentions something about playing on a different ground:

    Anyone know about this? I've seen reports that the grass is cutting up badly and they regret ending the astroturf era.

    Also, Aksam newspaper has an alarmist article on the state of dear old 19 Mayis's concrete:

  8. Gotta love that restrained anthropomorphic journalism:

    "Ankara May 19 Stadium entered service in 1936. A full 74 years ago. This stadium that has hosted countless events since that time is now all but screaming "I'M COLLAPSING"."