Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Pleasure at the top, misery at the bottom"

"Pleasure at the top, misery at the bottom", was the enticing headline of a piece in today's HaberTurk newspaper. I was dissapointed however that it wasn't a News of the World-style world exclusive on the latest sexual exploits of the soon to be ex-captain of England.

It was a short piece but the journalist Mustafa Cevik obviously knows how to turn a single fact into a tale of woe and misery employed at Ankaragucu. He starts off with a summing up of Ankaragucu's recent splurge on new players such as Geremi, Rothen and Sapara but then comes the twist.

"While spending around 20 million dollars in transfer fees the club has failed to pay youth trainers and equipment people for four months. The youth crew are in a very difficult situation (in these) winter conditions."

I'm not sure whether the winter conditions is a quote or not but it is true that we are indeed experiencing the climate event that is winter.

Anyway, the point of this article? Merely to predict that this probably won't be the last time we here about non-payments at Ankaragucu. So far this year we have had Vassel and Bebe kicked out of their hotel rooms because the club failed to pay up, we have had a bus re-possessed and early in the season a number of players were paid late.


  1. Connect Kanka11:14 pm

    Unfortunately, I doubt this comes as much of a surprise to anyone. Let's just hope they can keep the players on the pitch for enough matches to prevent relegation.

  2. When oh when are we going to have something positive to say about Ankaragucu this season ??

    Questions ....

    1. Will Bursa take pity on us and give us three points this weekend ?
    2. Will The Stadium from Hell be kicked into Hell and Cebeci Stadium brought into the picture ?
    3. Will Geremi last more than one match before he gets injured ?
    4. Will Rangers regret getting rid of their 'worst' player ?
    5. Will Eski Kanka stay in Scotland and see Hibs win a Champions League place rather than returning to more doom and gloom ?
    6. Enough for now ???!!!

  3. guys , you know that our remainder of matches will be realized at yenikent asaş stadium (former ankaraspor venue), don't you?

    tomorrow at 11:00 , there will be around 30 bus of municipality beside 19 mayis stadium to convey supporters to stadium...

  4. Connect Kanka12:00 am

    philly kanka and i will be there.

  5. Ok, then if one of you could write up a short report of the match, that would be great, as I will be unable to make it.