Sunday, February 14, 2010

A home game for Gencler?

Using the excuse that Valentine's Day is only for unmarried people, I was allowed out of the house today. I have no idea what Spine's excuse was but he managed to grab his car and we made the 45 kilometre drive out to the Yenikent Stadium for today's "home" match against Kasimpasa.

Dan the Man showed up later on and said the stadium reminded him very much of Kazakhstan. For Spine, the farmers' field with the mountains in the background provided him an ocassion to repeat his, "not the baskent, but more like Tashkent" allegedly funny remark.

Anyway it was a surreal sight to see in the middle of nothing a stadium painted in the colours of Ankaragucu.
Evidence that Ankaragucu were at home last week.

A couple of thousand fans turned up for what was a lovely afternoon. The sun was out and it was extremely warm. Then everything turned to crap as the footy started.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 2 Kasimpasa

I'm going to say anything much. We controlled most of the play in the first half without showing much up front. Half-time was 0-1, a softish sort of goal from a free kick and for the second half Kahe and Hursut were brought on. Neither did a lot and our defence in the second half was pretty bad, the attack was even worse. All up it was rubbish. Many times was the comment made that we have no mid-field general. Which makes the decision to send Jedinak off to Antalya at the beginning of the season a very stupid one indeed. Kasimpasa weren't a good team but still we didn't even look like scoring. A depressing match with not a single positive point on which to base any hope for the future.
Spine and Oz Kanka enjoy a half-time fag on the "smokers' balcony" - an unfenced mess with great views the car park and the surrounding farms.

Dan the Man vowed never to come to another game of football in Turkey again as stupid mistakes were being made by both teams, and the referee.

To think we went all the way out there for this crap.
A group of Gencler fans had spent the last couple of days covering up the huge posters of the Ankaragucu players. At the end they pulled down their banners. Are they going to do this every match?

And by the way Spine, I have since discovered that the player we were told had the name Eureka is in fact called Vranjes, and the guy who replaced him towards the end was Sebahattin.

Oh, and finally. A little song for those girls left behind by their boyfriends/lovers/partners who went to the footy on St. Valentines Day.


  1. Love the spelling of Geceko(n)du on the wall. Did they put banners up over all of the player photos? How blue and yellow was the stadium??

  2. Yep, all the players were covered over. But the posters of the coach, the assistant coach and the assistant to the assistant coach on the other side of the stadium were not covered up. The Stadium from Hell certainly felt, and looked like, an Ankaragucu stadium.

    As for the spelling of Gecekondu, I was going to label the photo "Evidence that the unemployed and unemployable fans of Ankaragucu were here last week," except that I remembered that I'm unemployed at the moment... but still employable... I hope.

  3. "not the baskent, but more like Tashkent"

    that's what Yenikent is.

  4. Yeah yeah yeah ...... this happens every season in living memory.

    Gencler played rubbish ..... Gencler have no midfield general and no organisation blah blah blah ....... and then ........

    it's the Gencler v Ankaragucu match and they play out of their skins and give us a good duffing.

    So, is it going that way again this season, or .... will Gencler feel sorry for us in our Centenery Year and 'fall down' ??!!

    Ooooooops ..... hope I haven't put the kiss of death on Ankaragucu again !!!