Monday, February 15, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Following on from yesterday's brief report .......


Having read the short report in Hurriyet this morning it appears that Nadeem has caught the Ankaragucu affliction and is now taking optimism pills !!

The Hurriyet had nothing positive to say about the match.

When I looked at the Ankaragucu line up I had to pinch myself to make sure I was looking at the correct match report. Lottsa new faces in there who I haven't seen before.

El-Yasa, Cihan, Rajnoch and Muhammet
Hurriyet, Rothen, Bilal and Mehmet
Sapara and Vittek

2nd half substitutes used - Umut and Ilhan

Apparently, Ankaragucu didn't threaten the Istanbul BBS goal in the first half but Iskender of Istanbul put them ahead on the half hour mark.

Ankaragucu equalised early on in the 2nd half through Vittek and then both teams played out a boring and defensively minded game.

As Nadeem said, where was our attacking full back Broggi and our main striker Vassell ??! Also, why did we sell Eski's fav striker, Bebbe, to Diyabakir ??!!

My supply of optimism pills are finished. Anyone got some extras for me for next weeks's match against Antalya on Sunday ?? Arrrrrrgh ..... KO 2pm at The Stadium from Hell !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. broggi couldnt step in the game on account of his 4th yellow card ban from pervious.

    bebbe had been sent to diyarbakır to spare a foreigner player room for vittek.

  2. Anonymous8:53 pm

    I get the impression that you aint really looking forward to next Sundays trip to Hell Jim.Dont know how many times people here have said it before but Ankaragucu REALLY need the 3 points this weekend.Having said that,you come back to the country and they score!Not all bad.

    Dublin Neil.

  3. Hey Neil, are YOU on the same optimism pills as Nadeem ? If so, send some out here for me by UPS before Sunday !!!

  4. Anonymous10:39 pm

    To be honest Jim,I see it being another draw.Looking at the line up v Istanbul BBS the big stand out name missing was Vassell,not even used as a sub.As someone once asked George Best "where did it all go wrong?" and Darius doesnt even have the consolation of having £10,000 in cash and Miss World both lying on his bed as he was asked the question (as George did)

    Dublin Neil.

  5. Jamie1:08 am

    What about Geremi? Where did he go?

  6. Connect Kanka2:08 am

    I saw the highlights on Youtube and thought we didn't look that bad. Maybe it's just wishful thinking...

  7. Anonymous2:56 pm

    If you watch the summary of the match you'll see that the team was comparatively good than the previous weeks and there was no threatening attacks from IBB.This is atleast better than the previous games including the preparatory game with Bugsaş.
    It seems that our team needs some time and I hope that this time will not take more than 13 weeks...
    Geremi was out of the line up because of his complains from his leg.

  8. Philly Kanka12:30 am

    Some new hot off the press

    Turkey playing the US in Philadelphia

    May 29

  9. Wow .... I didn't know that Turkey played Baseball !!!

  10. Eski Kanka Jim,
    Love the blog. I am a Canadian living in Ankara playing pro hockey and I want to check out a game while I am here. Not sure where I can find tickets to a Gencler or Gucu game. Please email me if you can,


  11. Hey Hockey Fanatik and good to hear from you. An email will hit your in box today. All the best from eski Jim

  12. Mountaineering Kanka11:55 am

    Hello Jim and all.

    Lucky for you, I have an extra optimism pill. It's in the post and should arrive to you before the next match. Please take it! I predict a big turn of "luck" in store for Gucu in the coming weeks. If someone keeps getting kicked, they're eventually going to get mad. That's what's going to happen starting this week! Go Gucu!