Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As you can see, Nadeem is not a figment of our imagination. Here you can see him with yours truly proudly wearing his Ankaragucu top outside the Braehead Tavern in Inchinnan, Renfrewshire on the 31st of January.

There was a large crowd there to witness the occasion ..... well, at least lots of my family members !!

Let it be known, as if you didn't know already, that his footie knowledge is so impressive that I won't be surprised in the future any more when he gives us 'stop press' news about Ankaragucu all the way from Scotland !

Looking forward to meeting him and his beautiful lady Rebecca in May when they visit Ankara for the Ankaragucu v Trabzon match.

Great to meet you Nadeem and keep on entertaining us with your comments on the Blog.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    haha great pictures Jim, Was good meeting you and your family to. We cant wait to come over for the Ankaragucu Fenerbahce game.

    Dont know if youve heard Jim, but were moving Stadium due to the pitch ? anyone else heard this ?


  2. Hadn't heard this, but if you saw my report on the Diyarbakir match, you'll know that I am in favor of any move that gets us a decent pitch to play on--so long as it isn't the "stadium from hell."

    Great to be able to put a face to a name, Nadeem. You look so legit in that top, I think Ahmet needs to give you some playing time when you come and visit.

  3. If you look at the comments in the last post you will see that Spine has already alerted us to the change in pitch.

  4. Yes, and Aksam (who are the only national to put this news on their front page, bless) are saying today the new venue is ASAS Yenikent:

    Is that the Stadium -- pause -- FROM HELL? *lightning flashes, drum crash*

  5. Anonymous9:00 am

    U can go to Asas by bus from 19 Mayis..

  6. Indeed, it is the "Stadium from Hell".

  7. oh dear. And I feel for The Old Lady. Aksam says 19 Mayis is on the federation's list of "risky venues".

    We need a campaign now:

    Ankara Ankara'da Oynar (Ankara Plays in Ankara)

    Ataturk'in Stadi Riskli Olmaz!

  8. Burasi, Ankara.
    Buradan Ayrilis Yok.

  9. I abhor that place, but, as misery loves company, the fact that Gencler will also be making the journey to the ends of the Earth tempers my outrage. And it sounds like Yenikent will be a temporary solution.

    But I can see what Gokcek is up to. This way he can hand out new building contracts to his buddies. Isn't that convenient.

  10. Connect Kanka1:24 pm

    Why the hell did they get rid of the turf from last year? I always loved playing on that stuff back in my athletic days.

  11. Plenty of players complained about it, said the ball skidded rather than rolled. I reckon it was just that they were hopeless and looking for excuses.

  12. Any one in the market for a second-hand Gençlerbirliği kombine ticket? [kidding] But honestly that is too much of a hike every other week for me to go and see a match of sub-standard football.

  13. … oh and did I mention that last time I was there with Oz (see blog post link a few comments above) there was not a pub let alone a Tekel in sight in Yenikent :-| (Hell yes, I go to the football to have a few bevvies before the match with friends).