Saturday, May 29, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As we heard from Bellshill Kanka Nadeem a day or two ago, Guven Varol has signed for Ankaragucu.

It was in The Hurriyet this morning so we must assume that it's a done deal.

He began his career with semi-pro Clubs, Anadolu Hisari, Pendikspor and Beykozspor before turning pro with Sakaryaspor and Denizlispor.

He is now coming from Manisaspor where he was Club Captain and generally operated on the left wing.

We will soon see if he can settle into the team and add some bite up front. With the sad departure of Vassell this will be much needed. Added to the fact that the situation surrounding the future of Vitek and Geremi is still unclear.

As a matter of interest, Kahe of Gencler is off to Manisa. No doubt a case of 'services no longer required' with the arrival of Billy Mehmet.

To answer Ata's question about Billy Boy, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be referred to as Mehmet by the TV and Press, but I'm sure the fans will call him Billy if he gets off to a good start with them. As Andrew said in a previous post, he was a fans favourite at St Mirren so there is no reason to doubt that he will be a favourite here too.

Watch this space for more comings and goings from Ankara !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. congragulations , junior gokcek has added his brilliant(!) transfer history one another !
    we signed with one of the most retarded and irrelevant midfield players of turkey !!
    what a move !!!
    beleive me , that moron called guven has nothing to contribute our play but drive a.gucu fans crazy !!!

  2. Anonymous12:08 pm

    The Ankaragucu close season revolving door hasnt wasted any time this year.With Rothen and Vassell gone that must put a big question mark over Geremi too.What has happened with Darius, and where has he gone do we know?

    Dublin Neil.

  3. Celine is spot on I'm afraid. We had the basis for such a good 2010/2011 season and little Gokcek seems to be on the road to squandering it all. Congratulations, Ahmet.

  4. Anonymous5:52 pm

    gokcek is a liar and can never be trusted. Vassell went on his summer break and was told via his blog by a fan that he was no longer wanted, what a way to treat someone. No doubt it never worked out for both parties the move but he should have been given the respect and told to his face.

    Celine - i agree with you re Gokcek but its harsh on Guven, hes an Ankaragucu player and we need to get behind him. But gokcek is letting the club down. We had a good manager and squad and one by one he is letting it go.


  5. Anonymous6:07 pm

    It looks like our concerns are true afterall. Darius Vassells spokesman has released this message to the Ankaragucu fans.

    Everyone need not worry , the truth will come out when its necessary.. Darius is a "foreigner" that found his only security and safety amongst his own fans!! It is a beautiful story if you can consider that he took time to create his website, meet his fans, converse via email, expose the truths and negatives in his everyday life via his blog, navigate his way through Turkish life often alone, while maintaining his dignity to never talk bad about his beloved Ankaragucu.. The club will smear his name perhaps? I would hope the owners have more honour than to take that route because their primary concern at this moment should be stabilising the club and bringing the fans,players and staff security..They have also expressed many times that they are "good people" so i really doubt that they have time for that nonsense.. but our admin have the resources to expose the truth when necessary.... We dont want to war with Ankaragucu we would much prefer to part company amicably and accept that the club was never in a position to fulfill their side of a contract. Darius didnt receive one phone call from the club over the course of his notice period and his last match was a 12 hour coach journey to and from Sivaspor in which he wasnt selected in the first eleven neither given any minutes on the pitch.. He didnt complain, he cheered on his teammates and exchanged phone numbers returned his car to the club as requested and gave out small bonuses to a few members of the ankaragucu staff and workers.. We Acknowledge the difficulties that the team have had and hope that they can overcome them quickly. Last August Darius requested that he could have the opportunity to coach some of the younger Ankaragucu players ... He still has the desire to one day come back and be a part of a productive coaching setup, within a stronger and secure framework to this team... You can come here for the time being and have questions answered honestly and truthfully and perhaps if its needed we will setup our own interview in a controlled environment together and discuss everything... I can talk to Darius about this if the supporters would like to hear exactly what the situation is... This would be strictly for informative reasons and not to damage Ankaragucus reputation though as i know that Darius does not believe in allowing bitterness or ill feeling to be shared publicly with intent to tarnish reputations etc.. We just want him to enjoy and play good football...
    Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 10:17 AM


  6. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Lat piece of news from today is that Gokcek has confirmed the club have not agreed a deal with Lille for Robert Vittek so ulikely he will be back.

    Also the club are set to sign 21 year old Altay attacker Burak Celik who is a Turkish Under21 international.


  7. that ''good manager'' you uttered , who is he ?

    is it meant to be ümit özat ?
    if it is so , for god's sake never and ever count on that curse guy..

    he is the one that agreed to split up with darius.
    i am downright sure that we all are going to complain for his wreck on our ankaragücü in the following weeks.

    no need to be hopeful , if ümit&gökçek dwells somewhere , it's rumoured that there exists no happiness or bliss !!!

  8. Anonymous7:16 pm

    the good manager was Roger Lemerre who took us from relegation candidates to a mid table finish in 6 months. He could have went further if he was here at the start of the season.

    I share your opinion celine regarding gokcek, i dont like what he is doing. i was just saying it was harsh calling guven varol a moron when all he has done is sign for our club. give him a chance


  9. Hey Guys, let's start thinking with our heads instead of our hearts !

    We all know that Celine Kanka is an Ankaragucu fanatik and he has the best interests of Ankaragucu in his heart, but .........

    I have to say that while admitting that Celine probably knows more about Guven than I do, it is no reason to kick him in the balls before he has kicked a ball for Ankaragucu.

    Let's face it, he wouldn't be made Captain of Manisa if he didn't have some good qualities ?!

    Concerning the Gokceks .... well, their dealings in the Club are well documented by Oz Kanka Chris in previous posts and they must be careful about 'walking on thin ice' as far as money matters are concerned !!!

    So, I think we have to be a wee bit realistic about who is coming in to replace the excellent team we had at the end of last season.

    This may sound negative to some, but on the other hand, we have to be, as I said, realistic and think positively.

    Umit Ozat will operate within the budget and constraints of the Club and we MUST give him a chance to do a 'Lemerre' and motivate the players to play for their shirts.

    As I have said a million times before on this Blog ....... pass the optimism pills .... I need another one !!!

  10. Anonymous8:47 pm

    agreed Jim, Going by what Vassell's spokesman was saying, Ankaragucu were paying money they never had. I would rather we reduced the budget and had a club to support than one who ends up in a financial mess and ends up with no club like the old Istanbulspor.

    The club isnt been run properly and i will discuss that with you jim on e mail what my concerns are but we need to back the team on the park.

    Im dissapointed more than anything that Vittek wont be here.


  11. Anyone seen UEFA's new rules to come into effect in a couple of years.... Under Gokcek, Ankaragucu is totally stuffed.

  12. Anonymous3:16 am

    Ive been speaking to Darius Vassell, he is gutted at leaving the club and the way he has been treated. Ankaragucu werent paying him his wages and couldnt agree to the terms of the contract it looks like. More is going to come out on this but he doesnt want it to be ugly and a war between the him and the club, he would just like to settle things peacefully.

    This is a letter that Darius wrote a few months back when he was kicked out his hotel, it shows what he was going through.

    ill post it in a second


  13. Anonymous3:19 am

    here is the link to Darius letter for anyone wanting to read it

  14. Interesting comment from Oz Kanka Chris. Didn't hear about this. More info please Chris !

    Nadeem, I hear what you are saying about Vassell and we all agree that he gave his best for Ankaragucu and should be treated with respect.

    Let's hope that the Club see sense and conclude this sad chapter to everyones satisfaction.

    I read in The Hurriyet this morning that Nigerian John Utaka may be coming to Ankaragucu from Portsmouth. So, I've asked Pompey Kanka Darren to find out if this is true and give me some details. Watch this space if it is !

  15. Anonymous1:06 pm

    basically Jim UEFA Have said clubs will be given two years to sort there finances or they will be punished, they will then get a further three years and thats when they will either face relegation or worse.

    I just cant see why we can sign John Utaka if we couldnt afford to pay Darius his wages


  16. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Its reported in todays papers in scotland that Kris Boyd is set to sign for either Ankaragucu, Kayserispor or Bursaspor


  17. Anonymous7:47 pm

    ankaragucu sign Samsunspor centreforward Turgut Dogan Sahin, according to Anatolia news agency


  18. Anonymous8:30 pm

    thanks for the news spine. It looks like Umit Ozat is certainly favouring the turkish signing policy. Bearing in mind at the moment we only have Geremi and sapara as the only foreign players. Vassell has left, with vittek, rothen, weeks and broggis loan deals all come to an end.

    Geremi has another year left on his contract and its been reported that Ozgur Semavi has signed for manisaspor.


  19. Thanks for the updates Spine and Nadeem.

    Let's see if The Hurriyet has anything to say about it tomorra morning ! After all, isn't it the 'oracle' of Turkish Football ??!!

  20. No Sir Eski, that's you.

  21. Mmmmmm, I don't think I can accept the mantle of The Oracle .... perhaps we should give that accolade to our man in Glasgow ..... Bellshill Kanka Nadeem ??!!

    Following up on Spine's news, yes, The Hurriyet reported this morning (3 June) that Turgut Dogan Sahin was on his way to Ankaragucu from Samsunspor.