Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gencler down Galatasaray

Genclerbirligi 2 - 1 Galatasaray

Normally a victory over Galatasaray would warrent a billion word rant against Gulay. But tonight I ended up travelling back from the Black Sea only to get to the Red Lion Club to see Australia lose to England in the T/20 (or whatever it is called) cricket world cup.

Withtin seconds of England winning I headed off to the guards box to listen to the footy on the radio. Four minutes of extra time was booed extensively but then the final peep came and Bursa had done it.

Excellent result! Well done Bursa!

Even better... I just saw here that just at the end of the Fener match there was an announcement that the Bursa - Besiktas match was a draw, thus meaning that Fener had won thwe league. There was much rejoicing in the stands. But of course it was completely untrue... suckers!!!!!!

Oh, by the way, Hurshoot and Harbuzi scored Gencler's goals.


  1. Who cares.....our reserve team was out but the FB's did not win.......who cares

  2. Some things in life never change .....

    well, for example, Ankaragucu and Gencler still flatter to deceive ....... and ....

    I M Gokcek and 'his baby' are still talking BIG but delivering almost nothing ..... and ....

    Gulay is still her happy and jolly self !

    Well, at least Gulay is married to an Ingallishman who can perhaps motivate her to support Ingallind next month in South Africa ??!!

    It goes without saying that the Kanka Group will be supporting The Yoonighted States of Ammmerrrreeekaaah !!!

  3. Anonymous2:46 pm

    gencler sign Michael Stewart, formerly of Hearts. he's 29,a midfielder and has played four games for SCOTLAND.

    Any thoughts from the Kilted Kankas?


  4. Anonymous2:48 pm

    remarkably, four games for Scotland doesn't stop the Anatolia news agency calling him "Ingiliz"...