Friday, May 14, 2010

Eski kanka gets a mention

Sir Eski Kanka got himself a mention this week in The Turkish Football Weekly podcast, at around 20 minutes in. Unfortunately they didn't mention that we had two fans who came all the way from Scotland for the Ankaragucu - Fener match.

You can check out the podcast here.

Sir Eski and myself are booked in to take part in the podcast next week. My plan is to share a dozen beers with Eski before we take part.


  1. I just want to make sure that we were on for next week. I'll make sure to e-mail you and Jim about the details this weekend.

  2. Whaaaaat ??? Only a dozen beers (luvvlie Efes of course !!) ??!!

  3. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Who said the season is over.............the entertainment is just about to start!

    Dublin Neil.