Friday, May 07, 2010

Six and Half a Dozen

The Hibees have been struggling over the last few months, the good times of pushing Rangers and Celtic for top spot have gone to be replaced with a dog fight for the last Europa League place.

Two wins in sixteen games have seen Hibs loose out on third place to Dundee Utd and currently sit one point behind forth placed Motherwell. There is one game to go so there is still hope for the forth place if we can better Motherwells result on Sunday.

If fifth place is what Hibs end up with we can still sneak into the Europa League if Dundee Utd win the Scottish Cup against Ross County next weekend.

Now for the really painfull news, Hibs could have been sitting in fourth place now had it not been for one of the most remarkable comebacks ever seen in the SPL. On Wednesday night Hibs were playing Motherwell in a league match, at half time Hibs were 4-2 ahead thanks to a Colin Nish hat-trick.

Motherwell started the second half as you would expect trying to get back into the game however they soon lost another 2 goals to go 6-2 down. Game over you would expect but no one told Motherwell.

Motherwell then scored 3 goals in 9 minutes to bring the score to 6-5. Motherwell then won a penalty with three minutes remaining but the Hibs keeper pulled off a great save. Surely job done now! Nope, Motherwell scored the equaliser in the 93rd minute with the goal of the season, it has been compared to Van Baston at the European championshipa few years ago but in reality it was better!

The pain for us Hibs fans is still too much and I will have to back to bed.

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  1. Well, what can one say about a scoreline of 6-6 in a Premier League match ??!! Roy of the Rovers yes, but ??!!

    Congratulations to Nishy for scoring a hat-trick, but as he said after the match ....

    'the whole team must accept responsibility for losing a four goal lead'.

    It would be fair to say I think that the team made the basic error of taking their foot off the gas, which is not a very clever thing to do when you are playing a team of the calibre of Motherwell, even with a four goal cushion.

    You have never seen or heard me rooting for Glasgow Rangers, but that's what I'll be doing this weekend when they take on Motherwell at the Ibrox Stadium.

    All Hibs can do is finish the season with a WIN and hope for better things at Ibrox !!

    If Hibs don't qualify for the Europa Cup there there will be much more knashing of teeth in Edinburgh and ........ Ankara !!!