Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Genclerbirligi through to next round

Due to some unexpected work that came my way (I hope none of you have to experience the powerpoint show that I did a voiceover for) I wasn't able to make it to Tuesday night's Turkish Cup match which saw Gencler defeat Akcabatspor 4 - 1. Goals came from Jedinak, Zec (2) and Patiyo.

While there is nothing much in the papers, according to a number of fans on the interwebs the match was pretty crap, despite the big score.

Hursut and Harbuzi were agreed to be crap and coach Ralf said he wasn't happy.

Still, as Spine told me a little while ago. "Will you please stop telling me that we played well but lost. Instead, tell me we played like crap but still won."

Well, there you go Spine.


  1. Well done Gencler.

    Breathing space for the new coach ??!!

    Also, a chance to have a go at qualifying from the group stage and getting to the final (again) ??!!

  2. Anonymous10:23 am

    Thank you Oz!

    btw, has anyone been following Gokcek's threats to pull support from Ankaragucu? Apparently he's upset by the rude things some of the fans have be saying.

    What did he think he was buying? The Womens Institute? This is Ankaragucu!


  3. Can they film the AG fans the the AG ownership and make a reality show out of it. They could call it "True tales of the unemployable and corrupt". Congrats to Gencler. Who is the new coast. Where did Doll go?

  4. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Doll sauntered back to Germany with a 410,000 euro cheque in his pocket. His assistant took over (for the moment at least).

    Spine Sideburn