Thursday, October 07, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It's not often you will hear me praising the TFF, so make the most of it while you can ! Receiving fixtures so far ahead is ........ a miracle ?!

In particular, Bellshill Kanka Nadeem will be pleased with this information I think ?!

Sunday 17 October - Gencler v Antalya - KO 3.30pm
Sunday 17 October - Galatasaray v Ankaragucu - KO 7pm

Saturday 23 October - Trabzon v Gencler - KO 7pm

Sunday 24 October - Ankaragucu v Bursa - KO 2.30pm

Still waiting for the dates and KO times for the Turkish Cup matches for 26/27 October.

So, get yir diaries out and make a note that Saturday 23 October will also be Nadeem's nite-out with the kankas.

Probable programme to be finalised nearer the time ............ meet in the Old Mariner for a 'swifty' at 4pm and then go across the road to Kebab 49 for an early dinner at about 5pm. Then, into taksis to The Beer Bus Bar to support Gencler.

Any comments ?

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    sounds good to me jim, i guess ill see you all in a couple of weeks lol


  2. Anonymous12:05 pm

    You are going over again Nadeem,very nice!Have a great trip.This could be Bursa's first league defeat of the season!!

    Dublin Neil.

  3. I think Neil has been taking Eski's optimism pills ??!!

    We will have to up our game to do it, but it would be great for morale if we left Istanbul next Sunday with all 3 points !

    My game plan for the Bursa match will be all out attack to deny Bursa their normal style. I would also instruct all 4 of my defenders to 'needle' the volatile Volkan and try and get him a red card !!!

    Well ...... alls fair in love and war !!!!

  4. Anonymous3:06 pm

    thanks neil im looking forward to it, you should get yourself over and experience a game, you will love it.

    jim we can beat bursa, i saw them at ibrox and wasnt really that impressed, some nice touches and skill but no cutting edge, keep volkan and sercan out the game is half the battle.


  5. I'm wondering if Nadeem would be interested in coming on the Turkish Football Weekly podcast to explain the atmosphere in a Ankaragucu match. There's way too many stories about the Istanbul atmospheres and I had the idea that maybe I can feature someone who admires Ankaragucu from afar and comes into Ankara maybe every once in a while, can explain to my audience what the atmosphere in Ankara is like.

  6. Billyboyne8:20 pm

    Whats this 1 hr in the Mariner and then on to kebab 49 then back to the boozer

    Yemek first and then swally till yer hearts content

  7. Anonymous10:02 pm

    hey ata id love to, I listen to your shows most weeks so it would be a pleasure to be part of it, how do i do it though as ive never done anything like this before and im rubbish with computers lol


  8. It's bloody obvious that Blue Nose Billy Boy is not an Ankaragucu fanatik. He's one of those peely-waally Glesgie boyz who can't take their booze.

    My advice to Billy Boy is this ..... if you intend to socialise with Ankaragucu boyz then prepare yourself to be put in a taksi early and sent home to bed !!!