Friday, November 11, 2011

Classic Ankaragucu goal

I'm still high after last weekend's Gencler victory over Besiktas. As you all know it included an extremely funny own goal by the Besiktas defender Egeman. I've just discovered an even better goal against Besiktas, this one by Ankaragucu from way back in the 80s.


  1. hahahahhaa,ı was there this is cebeci stadium not19 mayıs...and it was so funny....

  2. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Ho ho ho ha ha ha ........ but, feel sorry for the embarrassed refereee !!!

    Mmmmmm ..... on 2nd thoughts ..... NO. Don't feel sorry for him. Perhaps that was in the days when Ankaragucu had the 'clout' to influence referees ??!!

    Still smiling Eski Kanka Jim