Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sivas v Genclerbirligi: Live radio blogging

Perhaps Live Radio Blogging is one of the more useless ways of filling up the internet. The threat is clear! But it gives me something to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Sivasspor v Genclerbirligi

Preview: Gencler and Sivas are on the same number of points. It is probably very cold in Sivas. er... that's it. I'll be back here at 1pm Turkish time for the kick-off. As always you can contact the live radio blog and even get your thoughts printed during the match! That's something you could tell the kids. Contact me through twitter @Ankaraozkanka or through the "Contact Us" button on the righthand side of the page. Back soon.

1:00 pm We are sharing the radio broadcast with Antalya v Isnabul BBS. By the way the former chairman of Istanbul BBS was arrested taken into custody yesterday in connection to the match rigging investigation.

1:08 And off they go to Sivas. Gencler freekick just outside the box. Five in the wall... Cem Can takes it and out for a corner. A shot or two but no result.

1:09 Gencler seem to be on the attack. The commentator is attempting to tell us who is playing but Gencler keep on interrupting with attacks. He finally gets the team in. Pretty much the same as usual as far as I can tell.

1:13 Gencler today: Ramazan, Aykut, Ante, Mehmet Sedef, Harbuzi, Yasin, Hurşut, Soner, Özgür, Cem Can, Tum. (I actually nicked that off the @Genclerbirligi twitter feed.)

1:17 In fact @Genclerbirligi seem to be tweeting the match. Probably from the telly and therefore probably 100 times more informative than this rubbish. Latest report from their twitter feed, no mention of this on the radio, Sivas have already been given two yellow cards.

1:22 Commentator says there have been no real goal opportunities but that Gencler have been trying harder. Mmmm.

1:26 First proper shot of the match goes to Sivas. Ramazan controls in easily.

1:28 Istanbul BBS have gone one up away to Antalya.

1:29 and now Sivas go one-nil up. From a corner it seems like. Sivasspor 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi

1:38 Oh yummy. Hamsi and salad have been delivered to my desk. Thanks Mrs. Oz Kanka. No news from the match.

1:42 They finally cross back to Sivas and then straight back to Antalya where Antalya have equalised.

1:43 Half-time and it seems like Sivas are the better team. Got to take the commentators word for that.

Half-time scores: Sivasspor 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi, Antalyaspor 1 - 1 Istanbul BBS

2:02 Second half and Sivas have already had a shot, just out. This is not looking great. Sivas have another go from a corner but defence clears. And another Sivas attack. Freekick to Sivas... Cleared by defence. Oh get on with it Gencler.

2:08 Harbuzi off, Mununga on. Let's see.

2:20 We are back to Sivas. Seems like we missed a good chance with Yasin hitting the defence, then hitting them again. And just now Herve Tum has a shot saved. This is sounding a bit better.

2:22 Azofeifa brought on, not sure who went off.

2:23 Herve Tum scores with a header! That was a very important goal. Can we get a winner? Sivasspor 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

2:29 Like-for-like substitution here. Well, only if you look at the bald heads. Hursut off for Erdal.

2:40 Sivas get close, Mehmet Sedef clears... oh. it was offside.

2:42 Gencler start to slow the game down. A couple of minutes left.

2:43 Sivas with a free kick... Ball goes in, defence clears. Erdal goes through. no shot in the end. Nail-biting stuff now.

2:47 Peep, peep. Gencler grab only their second away point of the season. "Better than a loss," says Little Oz Kanka. Afternoon all. Sivasspor 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

And in the other match: Antalyaspor 2 - 1 Istanbul BBS

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  1. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Little Oz Kanka is right (as usual). Getting a point in Sivas is not too bad when you consider their home record.

    All the best from Eski