Monday, April 04, 2016

Ankaragucu 1-1 Manisaspor

It was a hard fought and respectable performance from Ankaragucu yesterday in Manisa, but it was the same problems the team has faced all season that saw us miss out on all 3 points. Before we look at the match itself, its worth pointing out that yet again the Ankaragucu fans were treated like terrorists by the Manisa management and police.

The Manisa management decided to price the home fans tickets at 5 TL while Ankaragucu fans had to pay 50 TL. How this can be even legal is beyond beleif. Then when Ankaragucu fans got to the stadium many were locked out and all of them had to be breathalised before entering. Is this really how to treat fans who have made the journey from the capital?

Anyway onto the game itself, the match was shown live on Manisa ETV, again questions must be asked. Why does Manisa have a live TV chanel and Turkeys largest club from the capital doesnt? Also every city in Turkey seems to be getting a new stadium apart from Ankara?

Team - Ferhat, Goksu, Gurkan, Volkan, Onur, Salih, Harun, Muhammed, Orhan, Omer Emrah

The first half was a bit of a bore fest but Ankaragucu have as good as they got, Bahuttin Kose looked very lively for Manisa up front, where as Emrah struggled for Ankaragucu at the other end. Emrah was playing as the lone front man, and for me it doesnt work. A lone front man needs pace and power, Emrah had neither and snatched at all the chances that came his way.

I have had to watch Ankaragucu on Periscope all season and its been awful to watch the style of football we play, lack of creativity and passion. Yesterday the passion was there and this team showed they are more than capable of going up via the playoffs. The problem is that they dont turn up every week.

Special mention must go to Muhammed Gonulacar, he was fantastic and covered the full pitch winning the ball and driving the team forward. Goksu Alhas and Volkan Geyik also had good games.

Manisa were awarded a penalty just before half time but Ferhat came to the rescue with a good save to keep the score level.

Into the second half and Ankaragucu stepped up their game, playing some good football but again Emrah couldnt find his shooting boots.

Ankaragucu did take the lead early into the 2nd half through Onur Atasayer who headed the ball past former Ankaragucu keeper Bayram Olgun. It looked like Ankaragucu would take all 3 points until Manisa were awarded a free kick in the 87th minute. Up stepped Bahuttin Kose who curled the ball into top corner to make it 1-1.

So disappointment again as Ankaragucu drop out of playoff places to 6th. However their were signs of encouragement and if the team can repeat these levels then maybe, just maybe.

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  1. Well, as we all know, we are running out of time and matches to ensure we are in the play-off circus. If we don't make the play-offs we can expect lots of 'leaves to fall off the tree' in the tribunes for next season. That is ...... if there still is an Ankaragucu !!!

    The Ankara Derby against Demirspor on Sunday (KO 2.30) will be the acid test. Win and we are still in with a shout, but lose and we can say ........ hoscakal play-offs !!!

    As our readers can tell from the recent posts from Nadeem, Marcus and yours truly, our patience is being tested to the limit !

    Nadeem sees a change of attitude in the players performance yesterday, so let's see it on Sunday, otherwise ...... I'll leave that sentence unfinished !!!