Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Besiktas have a new stadium!

On Sunday, Besiktas' new UK Mobile Phone Company Arena was opened with an official ceremony at which our esteemed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the man of honour... Lots of dignitaries were there... but actual football fans were banned.

Erdogan kicks a ball.
The new stadium looks great and it increases the capacity of what used to be known as the Inonu Stadium from 32,000 to 43,000. If you are annoyed at the name change, don't be: The stadium at the site has in the past been known as the Dolmabahce Stadium and then Mihatpasa Stadium. Selling out to a UK phone company is probably a progressive move after the name "Inonu",

Anyway... It has been a few years in the re-making, during which Besiktas played a stint at the Stadium From Hell, but finally the team got to play at their refurbished home.

This was the fans experience before the match.


Did you know that the first ever stadium rock concert in Turkey was held at the Inonu Stadium on July 28, 1992. It was a night that Istanbul is still talking about... especially the controversial bit when reknowned Canadian rocker Byran Adams bit the head off a small rodent.

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