Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

With only one match left, I've looked at the play-off situation and it is still mathematically possible for Ankaragucu to do it, BUT .......... it would take a minor miracle !

What would need to happen is this -

1.   Inegol to lose away to Eyup.
2.   Gumushane to lose away to Ankara Demirspor.
3.   Aydin to draw with Amedspor.
4.   Ankaragucu to win with lottsa goals (don't know exactly how many !) away to Tuzla.

Either Manisa or Kocaeli will be Champions with Manisa 2 points ahead and favourites.

Tuzla and Keciorengucu have qualified for the play-offs, so it leaves the 5 teams I've mentioned fighting it out for the last play-off position, ie, Inegol, Aydin, Gumushane, Amedspor and, dare I say it ............. Ankaragucu !

So, like I said in my previous report, let's get used to the idea of a 3rd year in the 2nd Division.

Also, Ankaragucu's chances of challenging next season look slim with more 'leaves likely to fall off the tree' - Hasan, Goksu and Enes to name but 3.   That will leave cast-offs from other teams and youth players to keep the team afloat.

Not an encouraging thought to take into the Summer and prepare for next season !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. As you said before Jim it doesnt matter anyway, this team wont win the playoffs even if we qualified.

    I remember when we made all the signings myself and volkan has said we werent impressed with all the old signigs we were making.

    We were proved correct as all of them have been shite apart from Goksu and Omer Bozan who were two of the younger ones.

    At least the young players give you fight and passion which is what you need in this division.

    Next Season will be a relegation battle

  2. News just in (late Tuesday night) that two people have been charged in relation to the violence in the stands at Sunday's match. According to Anadolu they are the deputy head of the Ankaragucu Development Amateur Branch, Levent Y. and an employee named Abdullah O. The report says that two others are being sought by police.