Saturday, April 30, 2016

Genclerbirligi are still in ninth!

Us Genclerbirligi fans have been spoilt since the beginning of the second half of the season. We have won many matches with style, we have lost a few matches but still played bloody good football. It is a measure of how much we have enjoyed ourselves recently that even though we were the better team, even though we had some good chances, we were all a bit bored with the result.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 0 Basaksehirspor

Another wonderful afternoon and because of the early 1:30pm kickoff we didn't meet up for pre-match drinks. Instead we walked down to Kizilay and caught the Metro to the stadium.

In just in time for the kick-off and a Gencler squad pretty much up to full strength (no Ahmet Calik though) ... and ... well .... er.

At least one of us showed up wearing the right colours.
It was a bit boring really. Basaksehir certainly didn't look like a team coming fourth in the league. They had a lumbering giant up front who could do bugger all and well... they were just rubbish really.

One of their players who at least showed some spark, even if it was the wrong kind of spark, was Emre Belozroglu. Yep. the little annoying bugger is still playing. It took all of about 5 minutes before he was being his whinging self and the Gencler fans of course got stuck in. It didn't matter who committed a foul, the Gencler fans would started shouting "Emre dışarı".

The strange thing about the match was that Basaksehir seemed to be going for the draw from the very start. They were falling over and wasting inordinate amounts of time. The referee didn't do a single thing as the game was held up time and time again. One incident was when an injured player went off the field and, having walked all the way around the field, stood with the medical personnel exactly where Basaksehir were supposed to be taking a throw-in; ie... outside the field of play. The throw-in player waited, as did the referee. It was a full five minutes later, by which time the original time-wasting player had been replaced as had Emre for no obvious reason, before play resumed. Just hopeless.

Match went on and we had a few chances but they were either brilliantly saved by the Basaksehir keeper ... or else he got bloody lucky.

All up... not the best footy, nor the best result... but hey, we can't get brilliance every week.

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