Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ankaragucu fans locked out for first five home matches

Ankaragucu fans have been hit pretty hard by the Turkish Football Federation's disciplinary board for the fights and other goings on that seriously marred last weekend's loss to Amedspor.

The basic penalties are:

For the fighting (in which several Amedspor officials had to be briefly hospitalised), the first two home matches for next year will be held at a neutral ground with no spectators. Then the next two matches at home will be without spectators. On top of that a 25,000 lira fine for the club.

Then, because this is the sixth time this season that the supporters were guilty of "swearing chants", a one match ban on spectators and a fine of 6,000 lira.

Then come the individual bans for Ankaragucu officials İmdat Biçer, Orhan Kılıç and Kemal Çorum who have all been banned from football for 90 days for having "attacked officials from the opposing team". Exactly what the 90-day ban encompasses I'm not sure, but if you have seen the footage of the attacks you would say that they are very lucky with what seems to be very light penalties.

So, it will be some time in November before Ankaragucu fans will be allowed back into the 19 Mayis Stadium...

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