Friday, April 14, 2017

Ankaragucu miss chance of clinching title!

Ankaragucu missed their chance to clinch the title in Kastamonu today after a disappointing 1-0 defeat against a solid Kastamonuspor side. Luckily for Ankaragucu our friends from Sariyer saved the day with a 2-1 win over stuttering Gumushanespor.

Team - Korcan, Serkan, Alihan, Cenk, Mehmet Tasci, Ferhat, Muhammed, Omer, Erhan, Kenan, Muharrem

Subs - Altay, Hursit, Emre Kara, Sezgin, Emre Sahin, Harun, Enes

Only Ismet Tasdemir can explain why yet again Enes was subdued to a place on the bench while Erhan finds himself in the starting line up. It was another game where Erhan offered nothing to the team and Omer also struggled eventually being subbed at half time.

Ankaragucu have played 7 games against the top 4 sides and haven't won a single one of those matches. It's only thanks to the awful form of Gumushanespor that see Ankaragucu still within touching distance of the title.

Today's match was more of the same disappointing attacking play that has sadly saw no improvement in the 2nd half of the season. Kastamonuspor took the lead through Yasar Cetin after 15 minutes due to poor defending from Ankaragucu.

Kastamonuspor went in 1-0 at half time with Ankaragucu having failed to muster a single shot on goal.

Sadly it wasn't much better in the second half, we did manage a couple of shots on goal and Muharrem went close late on, but Kastamonuspor took all 3 points which see them extend their 18 match unbeaten run and look set for the playoffs.

Our very own Harun and his friends made the trip to Kastamonu and informed us there were over 3,000 Ankaragucu fans who travelled. Next weekend that number could reach 30,000 as the opportunity to clinch the title at Kayseri Erciyesspor looks very likely.

Kayseri have only won 1 game all season and lost 6-0 against Tuzlaspor today. Ankaragucu fans have already started booking their transport to the match. It's unclear how many tickets will be made available to the Ankaragucu fans.

The Kadir Has stadium holds 32,000 and if there are no restrictions on fans we could see a huge away support there hoping to cheer Ankaragucu on to their first title in 107 years. Let's pray to whoever you do or don't believe in that Ankaragucu deliver the goods!

Harun and Horseman celebrating with Kastamonu fans at the end of the match. Ankaragucu almost certain to clinch the title, while Kastamonuspor are in the playoffs.

Harun and Ankaragucu fans enjoying the Kastamonu weather before the match.

Todays newspapers who state that its a great day for both Ankaragucu and Kastamonuspor as AG close in on the tile and Kastamonu prepare for the playoffs!

Its also worth noting that Harun who was at the match said that Ankaragucu played very well in the second half and were unlucky not to score.


  1. Well said Nadeem.

    As we all knew before today's KO, Kasta would be no push-over, and with them going all out for a play-off spot, so it proved.

    On paper, next weekend's match should be a no-match with Ankaragucu's forward line given the opportunity to put up an impressive score. Let's hope Ismet Bey is watching our Blog and listening to the words of wisdom, ie, get Enes in alongside Muharrem from the start !!!!

    Don't blow this Ankaragucu ........ we don't need or want another shit or bust match against Hatay on the last day of the season with them also going for a play-off place !!!

    Do it !!!!!!

  2. When is the match next week?

  3. Next sunday afternoon Chris

  4. Rightio. For those of us not going to the match we will have to organise to watch it downtown. Fingers crossed their will be some huge street parties afterwards.

  5. I think thats a given Chris unless the police somehow find a way to stop Ankaragucu fans celebrating. Wouldnt put it past them

  6. Fck cops!We will celebrate it!

  7. Question for Oz Kanka .......... will your Gencler Pub show it, or is there another option ???

  8. If it is on the telly the Alerta Pub will show it. Is it on the telly?

  9. Bursa TV are hoping to show it

  10. Looks like Bursa TV is an internet only station. I'll speak to the Alerta Pub and see if they are able to hook it up.

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