Sunday, April 02, 2017

Ankaragucu held at Bugsass!

Let's first of all start with the off field chaos today before we look at the match itself. Today top of the table Ankaragucu travelled a couple of miles across the city to play against local rivals Bugsasspor. At the start of play Ankaragucu were 4 points clear of Gumushanespor who away at Tokatspor.

The match was played at the Ostim Stadium which holds just over 5,000 although you could probably fit more people in. Over 3,000 Ankaragucu fans travelled for the match but Bugsass only gave the club an allocation of 250 tickets.

The stadium itself was empty, only a handful of Bugsass fans were in attendance, and instead of opening the gates to allow the thousands of Ankaragucu fans in they made them stand on the roads looking through gates and standing on rooftops of apartments.

Much to their credit the Ankaragucu fans were well behaved up until the cops started to fire pepper spray and tier gas on the fans. This was before kick off and the mood of the fans changed after this.

Onto the match itself before we go back and discuss the disgusting and disgraceful behaviour of the Police towards the Ankaragucu fans after the match.

Team - Korcan, Serkan, Sezgin, Cenk, Mehmet, Muhammad, Ferhat, Harun, Erhan, Omer, Kenan

There can be no excuse for the performance from the Ankaragucu team today, especially the first half. We didn't even muster a shot on goal against a team who haven't won in 14 attempts. Polatli took the lead through Resit Sevindir with a great finish into the top corner of the net.

Half Time

Bugsaspor 1-0 Ankaragucu

Into the second half and it was slightly better from Ankaragucu, there was more urgency in attack, but the overall play was poor and not worthy of winning a championship. We did get back on level terms through Muharrem Ozan who made it 1-1. Sadly there was to be no winning goal and it was 2 points dropped as Gumushanespor won 1-0 at Tokatspor.

That brings us to the final minutes of the game, the Ankaragucu fans were still watching outside when suddenly the police in tanks came in spraying pepper spray and gas for no reason other than to move them. The spray came into the stadium and fans, match officials and police were all choking on the pepper spray and gas.

The fans left the stadium in distress and emptied out onto the streets where other fans were on the ground injured. There is no excuse for this type of behaviour from the police, Polatli municipality and Melih Gokcek. The Ankaragucu fans were treated yet again like Rats and terrorists.

Now we face more punishment and most likely a stadium ban for next weeks match against Tuzlaspor which I will be travelling over for. Not a good day at all for the club.

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  1. As we all know, it is very difficult to remain calm and collected when you are provoked. A good example is the Celtic player who didn’t react when he was spat at by a Hearts supporter at the weekend and hopefully that idiot will be dealt with by the club ...... AND the Police !!

    Anyway, that’s another story, but as I understand it, that’s a similar situation to the that meted out to Ankaragucu supporters by the Police in Ostim yesterday. The difference being that Tear Gas and Pepper Spray are a lot more dangerous than flem !!!

    The ex-Senior Referee (now politician), Selcuk Dereli, was a witness and hopefully the TFF will hear his evidence before their normal knee-jerk reaction on yet more Stadium Bans for Ankaragucu ?!

    The team need support in the run-in, especially now that their lead at the top of the league has been cut to 2 points, and also that our Kanka from Glasgow is making the journey to see the Tuzla match. It will be a catastrophe if he can’t access this match. How many footie fanatics have travelled thousands of miles to see a team from outside their own country ???!!!

    As for yesterday’s match, disappointing is not a strong enough word. The team must be fighting for 90 plus minutes at this stage of the season, especially in the knowledge that they have a difficult away match coming up in a few weeks time to in-form Kastamonou. They continue to heap pressure upon themselves when it should be effin Gumush.....spit.....hane who are under pressure !

    Nothing less than a strong performance and THREE points will do this Sunday and we await the outcome of the TFF deliberations with trepidation. Can we ever trust them to be open and honest ? No need to answer that question !!!