Monday, April 03, 2017

Gencler depress some more

"He looks like a man trying to pick up middle-aged women in a bar in Cyprus," Spine said when he saw Besiktas coach Senol Gunes. At least we had a laugh at that. Everything else was rubbish.

"Hello Ladies"

Besiktas 3 - 0 Genclerbirligi

It may have been a few weeks since I last posted here. You haven't missed much. The chairman died and was replaced by his son. The team itself are just going along on their mediocre way. Speaking to a few fans last night I found out I'm not the only one to be deflated. The failure of the club to find any decent players during the half-season break. The failure of the club to hold onto its two best young players. The failure to win important matches... all depressing.

And so it was again last night. Good to see a full Alerta Pub with Spine, Flying Dutchman Kanka and me making up the foreign contingent. I guess it was due to the decent time.

Then the football and... back to depressing... Out of all the millions of foreigners we have on our books there are only two half decent players, Paletsevic and Hopf... the rest deserve to go back to the Belgium second division where we seem to do our buying nowadays.

We had maybe one shot all match.


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  1. Yesssssssssssss ........ our Webmaster Oz Kanka is back ........... and with the added bonus of one of his special rants !!!! Some things in life never change. Apart from Oz Kanka's rants, we have Gencler in their normal mid-table position which should keep Cavcav's son happy at least !!!!