Saturday, April 22, 2017

Reis Jim Chalmers interview with TRT!

Scottish people prefer to take the mickey out of each other rather than compliment each other. It's our culture and something that probable only we understand. That said, Jim deserves some credit for his contribution to the Blog over the years and more important the Kanka Group made up of Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi fans.

The amount of different nationalities including Britain, USA, Germany, Romania, Holland, Australia, Croatia, just to name a few who have all become part of the family is largely due to Jim and Chris. For us Ankaragucu fans Jims enthusiasm for football, Ankaragucu and friendship is something that has saw the Kanka Group becoming a well respected and recognised fan group amongst other fans.

Today, we received a little bit more recognition as Jim was part of a documentary on Ankaragucu and their quest to win promotion to Lig 1. It was filmed and aired by TRT this morning much to the appreciation of the Ankaragucu fans. You can see the full documentatry here Ankaragucu TRT Documentary

Jim and then Round Ball in Ankara was the reason that I started supporting the club 8 years ago. Tomorrow we have the opportunity of winning promotion and 30,000 Ankaragucu fans have made the trip to Kayseri, we will all be cheering on all across the world as Ankaragucu fans hoping the team deliver the 3 points.

Now back to being Scottish, Jim enjoy tomorrow and well done on your interview, but.......wipe away those tears after watching your Hibs lose to Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup Semi Final. Hopefully Ankaragucu weren't watching lol.


  1. Thanks for those kind words great friend Nadeem. Hibs won promotion back into their God given rightful position in the Premier League, and hopefully Ankaragucu will win promotion tomorrow in Kayseri. Yes, the Kanka Group is famous and long may that continue. As I have said many times, you can take Ankaragucu out of the super league, but you can't take Ankaragucu out of Ankaragucu fanatics hearts !!! We will live to see them back there too ! :-)

  2. Hibs allready Done with their first job!
    Good luck them in the premier league!
    Amazing to see both teams reached championship in their league!
    Well done Hibs&Ankaragücü!💙💛💙💚⚽💚

  3. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Jim Thanks for all you do for AG and Congratulations.
    I hope you & Nady share your AG match critics in TRT Sport , in weekly basis.
    I am sure that this brings a totally dif. look and may be understanding to the Turkish Sport press..

  4. Thanks Volkan, looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with all the latest transfer news over the summer.

    1. Thanks also from me Volkan. Interesting days ahead in the summer !!!! In the meantime, let's celebrate on Saturday after the Hatay match yessssssssssss !!!

  5. Anonymous9:19 pm

    I've seen this blog months ago while checking if there were any news about Ankaragücü in foreign media. I was amazed after reading few of your stories and passion to Ankaragücü. I would never have imagined that. You guys are AWESOME!

    Once again I was surpised to see Jim on trtspor video thought oh they are well known :)
    I'd fancy watching a game with you guys .

    1. Are you on facebook at all mate and we can add you to our group?

    2. Yes, we will be happy to see you on Saturday 'Mr Anonymous'. We will also go to a local pub in Kizilay after the match to celebrate. As Oz Kanka said, contact us and let us know your name. btw, thanks for your comments !

  6. That was excellent Jimbo! If you just wan't to see Sir Eski Kanka's contribution go to 13:22 in the clip linked above. And a very special contribution from Ayşen: "Don't squeeze me"

  7. I'll have to put this on my to do list.

  8. Thanks Volkan, looking forward to keeping everyone up to date with all the latest transfer news over the summer.


  9. Thank for your sharing good blog comment.