Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

You will recall that I mentioned the problem between Serkan Kirintil and the fans (Gecikondu in particular !) in my match report of the Ankaragucu v Genclerbirligi match a few days ago.

Following on from that, there was a meeting between Hikmet Karaman, the players and the fans yesterday at the Training Ground in Bestepe.

Despite pleas from Hikmet Bey, Captain Ceyhun and the players, it appears that forgiveness is not an option, even in the knowledge that the transfer of Serkan to Ankaraspor in January is not yet a 'done-deal'.

So, this still presents Hikmet Bey with a headache. What to do with the goalkeeper position on Saturday in Diyabakir, and more importantly, for the home match on the 15th of August against Manisa.

Obviously we can't influence the outcome on this Blog, but for what it's worth, I believe we have to be sensible about this and put personal feelings aside.

Serkan is a professional goalkeeper and has been a great servant for the Club. So, as long as Hikmet Bey chooses to select him for the team we should respect that decision and support the TEAM !

More on this subject as it unfolds.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Mountaineering Kanka10:56 am

    Hi ho there all.

    Mrs. Mountaineering and myself will be returning to Ankara this weekend and hoped to have a piss-up whilst watching the "new-look" Gucu sock it to Diyarbakir this Sunday. Surely we can find a place that's showing it. Defo need to watch this match since I buggered it and watched TrabzonSpor defeat Holland's Maastricht in Trabzon this past weekend with Battle-damaged. Good match, but it can't be the last one I watch before leaving; that spot is reserved for you-know-who. Sunday evening then? Can you spread the word Jimbo?

  2. Mountaineering Kanka10:59 am

    By the way, I will always support Serkan even though he made a stupid decision to even say that he'd consider AnkaraSpor. He's been a great asset to the team and has saved more goals than are hairs on Eski's head (which to be fair is still quite a lot). As long as he's still with us we should support him!

  3. Wrong ! Not Sunday Robbie !

    The Diyabakir v Ankaragucu match is on SATURDAY KO 9pm.

    I guess the Sivas v Trabzon match will be shown on TV so don't build your hopes up on watching Ankaragucu.

    So, does this information change your plans ? Let me know which night you will be in Kizilay and what time !

    Hey, and thanks for the compliment about my toupee - seems that it is working !!!

  4. Mountaineering Kanka11:47 am

    Well if it's Saturday night, then that's when we'll be there. Surely it must be on tv. Can we bribe someone?

  5. Bribery is not permitted in Turkey, and shame on you for suggesting it !!!

    Saturday it is then at the Chopin (7pm ?) and then later to Platin perhaps to say farewell to Maniac Kanka ?

  6. The latest today (Thursday 6 August) on the Serkan issue is that the two Clubs are talking about releasing him before January.

    Now we see the power of Ankaragucu supporters (especially the Gecikondu boyz) !

    Watch this space for more.

  7. Anonymous11:34 pm

    hello guys, how did the south african boys do in pre season ? calvin sosibo and semshela or something like that ?

    and has antwi been praded yet ?


  8. Hey Bellshill Kanka.

    Negative to both questions. Perhaps Hikmet Karaman is keeping them under wraps and will spring them suddenly as our secret weapon ??!!

    We certainly need a good start to the season tomorrow for building confidence after their performance in the Sportswriters Cup matches.

    However, Henderson has been 'paraded' to the press and he may well figure as a sub in the first two matches.