Sunday, August 23, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I for one have always been amazed at the 'love-ins' between Ankaragucu and Bursa supporters, but I feel that the team take this 'brotherly love' thing too far. I can't remember the last time Ankaragucu beat Bursaspor and I'm getting a wee bit pissed off with us seemingly giving them 3 points on a regular basis. Last night ........

Bursaspor 1 ANKARAGUCU 0

The details I have are sketchy and unless Venezuelan Kanka Rom was at the match this is the best I can do. The team line up was -

Santos, El-Yasa, Ilkem and Cihan
Ceyhun, Barbaros, Semavi and Sosibo
Vassell and Henderson

Bebbe came on as a sub in the 1st half. Iglesias and Ufuk came on in the 2nd half.

Hurriyet mentioned that there was trouble at the match with the Teksas Group fighting (presumably with Ankaragucu supporters). If that was the case then ..... shock horror ! What happened to all those 'love-ins' and kisses ??!! It was also reported that some supporters were injured but it doesn't give details.

So, yes, I'm very disappointed with this result, especially as there was a full squad available and lots of attacking options which resulted in zero goals.

This MUST be rectified next weekend for the Istanbul BBS match otherwise the natives will begin to be restless ! Three matches in without a win is unacceptable !

All the best from a disappointed Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Yeah Jim even the Paddy Power statistics page on this match was pointing towards a definite home win judging by the last few seasons previous meetings.Ankaragucu are not exactly troubling the scoreboard operators around the stadia of Turkey this season.Bursa dont appear to be as strong as recent seasons this term so I thought you would get something from the match.
    Dublin Neil.

  2. I agree with you Neil and that's why I was so disappointed.

    With all the hype surrounding the arrival of two new strikers I was convinced we would score a few goals, and as you said, Bursa have not been firing as well as they did last season.

    So, the pressure in on to do the biz next weekend.

  3. Anonymous6:13 pm

    is it just bebbe that signed jim ? who is the other striker ?

    We need to start winning as of next week.


  4. We now have quite a few attacking options Nadeem.

    Vassell, Henderson, Iglesias, and now Bebbe.

    Hikmet Bey may have other strikers on his 'wish list' but we still have time before the January window closes to bring him or them in.

    What we need to work on is in the area where goals are created, ie, the midfield. We must strengthen this area of the team and the sooner Mehmet Cakir joins Ankaragucu the better !