Sunday, August 09, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Thanks to our great captain, Ceyhun, Ankaragucu started the season with a valuable point last night.

Diyarbakirspor 2 ANKARAGUCU 2

Unfortunately, the match was not televised, but the kankas met up at The Chopin to say farewell to Mountaineering Kankas Robbie and Judy. In fact, there was no televised footie in Kizilay last night due to Digiturk hiking up their price to an unrealistic level. So, all the pubs collaberated and refused to pay as a protest.
How long this situation continues remains to be seen, and who is going to back-down first ?! More on this as the saga unfolds.

After meeting, we all (Mountaineering Kankas, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I) trooped around the corner to Platin Bar to meet Maniac Kanka Harun where we had lots of fun and games - more of that in another post me thinks !

Harun's telephone was busy keeping us updated with news from Diyarbakir and we all burst into song after 10 minutes of the match when Ceyhun put Ankaragucu ahead. However, we were silenced (for a change) 20 minutes later when Adnan equalised.

More singing just before half-time when Ceyhun bagged the 2nd and we were all dreaming of a victoreeeeeee. Grrrrrrrr ..... with 15 minutes of the match left to play, Mendoza scored the equaliser and that's how it stayed.

Oh well, at least we returned with a point, and as most of you know, Diyarbakir is not an easy place to visit and come back with all 3 points.

It was an interesting team selection with Hikmet Bey refusing to be intimidated by fan power and playing Serkan in goal. Well done Hikmet Bey !

With Santos suspended after his 'fistiecuffs' against Gencler last week, the defence took on a different shape, but at least El-Yasa was there to add some experience at the back.

The Team -

Serkan, El-Yasa, Semavi, Iglesias, Ufuk, Ceyhun, Abdullah, Barbaros, Sosibo, Diego and Cihan.

Henderson came on as a sub in the 2nd half, but no sign of Vassell which is quite worrying. Let's hope he is playing next week so we can see him in action for more than just the 10 minutes he had last week.

By the way, the jungle drums were beating last night and the word on the street was that Hikmet Bey is thinking of resigning because of all the bad feeling concerning the Serkan Saga. Let's hope this rumour is unfounded !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    good point for us there Jim. Ceyhun at the double aswell.

    Vassell hasnt played alot of football lately so probably just waiting till he is match fit.

    Home game next week and 3 points would meen a good start to the season.


  2. Anonymous1:30 pm

    hi jim, on the main sight and the gecekonu sight it says vassell came on afer 69 mins ?


  3. Vassell coming on as a sub is quite possible. I took the info from the Hurriyet newspaper this morning, so a mistake on their part perhaps.

    I'm hoping he will be on from the start next Saturday !

  4. Anonymous1:07 am

    defo came on Jim, i watched the highlights. What about Ceyhuns goals ? excellent free kicks. I watched the trabzon and sivas game, Trabzon were excellent