Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's not use up all our goals so fast

Having to listen to the "around the grounds" radio coverage of tonight's matches I can't really say very much. Well I can say one thing.... Hoooooooorrrrrayyyyyyyyy.

Kasimpasa 0 - 4 Genclerbirligi

As the radio coverage concentrates on the the so-called big games, nothing much was reported about the Gencler match. The first goal at about the 20th minute sounded pretty good though. The ball was sent from right-wing to the left, back again and after going through almost all of our forwards new signing Harbuzi sent it in.

It too a while before the next came, this time from Mustafa Pektemek. Then with not long to go Kahe scored. And then just at the death we scored again. I think it was Hursit Meric.

Not much of a report, but hey, I don't care. We got the three points.

I'll be away for next week's home game (have to go and represent Turkey in the cricket). So I'll be handing all the season tickets over to Carlo. Fingers crossed both Gencler and the Turkish cricket team are in the money.


  1. Harbuzi is brilliant. In retrospect, isn't it a good thing that Troisi left?

  2. Hey Dan, be careful. If you praise him too much then Ahmet Gokcek is sure to find out and buy him from Mr Cavcav !!! Titter titter titter !!

  3. Gulay2:00 pm

    You can always watch the goals at ligtv you know,

  4. Except that you have to wait a day or two before they put them up.