Thursday, August 20, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The merger between Ankaragucu and Ankaraspor has raised its ugly head again !

It has been in the newspapers for the past two days but I was hoping that it was just a lot of hot air. However, it seems as though it is now serious and going forward.

The three Chairmen involved, Melih Gokcek, Cemal Aydin and Cengiz Topel, met three days ago to thrash out a deal and they agreed 'in principle' that it should go ahead. The details, and financial implications, will be discussed at the next meeting on 23 August.

Melih Gokcek was quoted in the Hurriyet this morning as saying that Ankaragucu will be League Champions in the future !!

So, from that remark I assume he intends to retain the team name as Ankaragucu. I would say that is a MUST unless he wants rebellion from the tribunes !!

Another few 'details' to consider is ....... when will this happen (obviously not this season), what is going to happen to The Stadium from Hell in Yenikent and more importantly, how much money is he prepared to plough into the Club to compete with the Istanbul 3 ??

Looking forward to comments from all you kankas who hate Ankaraspor !!!

More news as it unfolds.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous9:33 pm

    dont know what to think about this jim. i wouldnt want Ankaragucu to loose there history or identity. But if were keeping our name and assets then maybe its a good idea


  2. Anonymous9:45 pm,19528,12003_5503341,00.html

    a link to Ian Henderson and life at Ankaragucu, good read


  3. Nadeem, thanks for the link to the bit about Ian Henderson.

    Interesting read, and of course, it's good to know that he's happy here and getting settled.

    I didn't mention anything about him in my report of the Manisa match, but I thought he did quite well considering he only came on for the last 15 minutes.

    He played on the right wing and he seemed quite comfortable on the ball with the few touches he had before the end of the match.

    Let's see him on from the start for the full 90 minutes before we judge him.

    btw, we will do our best to interview Vassell and Henderson for the Blog once they have settled-in and the season unfolds.

    Our previous attempt at interviewing Kirita (our Romanian player - now with Bursaspor) was a success and you can probably see it if you use the link for 'The Best of the Blog'.

  4. Anonymous7:36 pm

    no probs jim, I will have a look. Btw is there any where you can recommend to watch the game tommorow online ?


  5. It has been well known that he has been planning it for a long time. When I saw the wankers cheering like 'Melih başkan, Ankaragücü şampiyon" in front of AKP headquarter just after the election day, I believed he would achieve it. Ankaraspor as an artifical team with artifical supporters was not enough for him. He needed a real team like MKE to be able to use for his goals. Now conditions are mature enough to start the operation.
    What I would tell to the MKE fans: do not expect anything from these tossers. With themy your destiny can not be different than İstanbulspor...

  6. Nadeem, I'm afraid that is a no-no ! The Gencler v Besiktas match is on at the same time and all channels will have that match. We're stuck with good old Livescore I'm afraid !

    Your points are well taken gokmavi, and by the way, thanks for commenting.

    Oz Kanka and I are long-term supporters of Gencler and Ankaragucu respectively, so we never take things at face value. Lots of hot air and broken promises are common enough here. So, we will just 'suck it and see'.

    Hopefully the details will be revealed after tomorrow's meeting so that we know exactly where we stand with the proposed merger.

  7. Anonymous5:29 pm

    looks like the deal has been agreed as per Anti X website jim. Any news ?


  8. Well, with all due respect to Anti-X, and I know some of them very well, I am not willing to accept that news at the moment.

    I've had my fingers burned too many times to accept 'rumours' as gospel.

    Let's wait until an 'official' statement is made after tomorrow's meeting before we 'jump the gun' !!

    btw, Nadeem, as I write this ...... Hibs are top of the League yesssssssssss !!!

  9. Anonymous8:20 pm

    haha i know mate congrads. Riordan got a double. We play the jambos tommorow.

    Im not sure if anti x were confirming it, it was translated from turkish to english and i couldnt quite make it out.

    im going to watch x factor then livescore for the gucu score. Mon the ankaragucu !


  10. Anonymous4:12 pm

    I think the score of this evening's trip to Gaziantep will tell a lot.I'm expecting Ankaraspor's moral to suffer if the merger is happening and as such, a comfortable home win.
    Dublin Neil.

  11. Yes, an interesting scenario which will no doubt be watched by Ankaragucu supporters to see which way the wind is blowing !

  12. Well, blow me down with a feather !

    Antep 1 Ankaraspor 1

    and guess who turned out for Ankaraspor ? Yes, Adem and Mehmet Cakir and Meye came on as subs !

    So, it is not all done and dusted. Let's see what happens this week ..... if anything.