Friday, August 21, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Headline in today's Hurriyet ......... Ankaragucu's Five New Guns !

Under normal conditions the signing of five new players wouldn't cause such a fuss, but ........ four of them are coming from Ankaraspor !!

Is this one of the scenario's of the Merger I wonder ? Transfer all the best players out and let Ankaraspor be relegated to drift into oblivion in the way that once famous Goztepe of Izmir disappeared from the scene ?!

The players in question Ediz, Adem, Meye and Mehmet Cakir are all well known and quality players. I would single out Mehmet Cakir for mention who I have seen playing for Gencler many times before he moved across the city. I have always rated him highly as a skillful and industrious midfield player and one who could easily form a highly successful partnership with Ceyhun and Semavi.

As for the fifth player ? The return of the highly popular 'prodigal son' from Istanbul BBS. None other than Bebbe. He was always a fans favourite because of his workrate and selfless play up front, so I'm sure he will be a welcome addition to Hikmet Bey's attacking options. I for one welcome him back with open arms !

So, if these transfers materialise as reported, it will be interesting to see which players are for the chop. I'm sure Murat Duruer will be going and perhaps Iglesias - we shall see.

The result of Saturday's meeting is awaited with interest. Certainly, in my opinion, these transfers give a pretty clear indication of what will be decided at the meeting, ie, shall we merge or shall we not !!!

Watch this space !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Good news Jim, Would be happy with the signings of Bebbe and Cakir, dont know much about the rest.

    Do you think anything will materialise ?


  2. Watch this space for further Nadeem.

    If Bebbe plays next weekend he will defo get a hero's welcome for the tribunes.

  3. Anonymous5:28 pm

    the anti x website has confirmed Bebbe has signed. Welcome home Gustave


  4. Agreed. I will certainly welcome him back when he runs out next weekend, and, as I said, the tribunes will also.

    Vassell and Bebbe up front is a mouthwatering combination, and with an attacking midfield with the likes of Ceyhun and Simavi and (Cakir ?) we are going to cause a lot of probs for defences this season !

    After last season's abysmal goal tally, it will be like a breath of fresh air !!

  5. Anonymous1:28 pm

    morning jim, Dissapointing result last night.Even more so when your sitting watching your laptop for 90 mins on livescoe and no goal.

    Good to see Bebbe back but we need to start scoring. A win at home next week will start our season but a defeat will be disastrus.


  6. This weekend's match will be on Saturday KO 9pm - Ankaragucu v Istanbul BBS

    We will be meeting in The Chopin Bar at about 6.30pm and going to the Stadium at 7.30pm for the 'naughty Kankas' who don't yet have a Kombine Ticket. At 8pm for the 'good guys' !!

    As Bellshill Kanka Nadeem quite rightly said, we must start scoring in this match. Vassell, Bebbe and Henderson are you listening ??!!

  7. From the Hurriyet newspaper this morning (25 August) it was reported that there will be a further meeting on 30 August about the proposed merger.

    I.M. Gokcek is quoted as saying that if his son Ahmet is appointed as Chairman of the merged Clubs then the transfer of the 4 Ankaraspor players I mentioned in this post will go ahead. There is also mention of another who has not been named.

    This is getting complicated. Lots of wheeling and dealing going on in the corridors of power which isn't reported me thinks !!

    I will ask our oracle Kaleci Kanka Tansu on Saturday what he thinks about this saga.