Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Maniac Kanka mentioned in the comments section of a recent Post that Ceyhun Eris was leaving ANKARAGUCU for Trabzon and Murat Ocak coming in the opposite direction for a fee in ANKARAGUCU’s favour of about 500 Million Euros.

A sad day indeed when a player of his calibre (and the club captain) leaves half way through the season, and this is sure to provoke re-newed supporter protests against Club President Cemal Aydin.

I find this hard to take and am not altogether satisfied at the way Trabzon seem to come to ANKARAGUCU and plunder our best players at will. Not long ago we had the loss of top goalscorer Augustine to contend with, followed by our excellent midfielder Adem, and then last summer, Eski Kanka’s fav player, Umut Bulut.

To say I’m angry is an under-statement, and while I have been uneasy about criticising Cemal Aydin in the past, you can be sure that I will be joining the protests which are sure to follow shortly.

We should not forget either that Trabzon recently swooped for Gencler’s Risp and Ayhan, so they are not `flavour of the month` in Ankara to put it mildly !!!

Guess who will be supporting Antep when they play Trabzon in the Cup tonight ??!!

All the best from disgruntled Eski Kanka Jim

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