Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Transfer action and inactions

Meaningless friendly tournaments or just plain friendlies being played down in Antalya at the moment and I'm bored stiff. We may be in the winter break at the moment but there is no way that football couldn't be played. I'm sure that as soon as the league starts up again we will actually get some snow and a whole heap of matches will have to be postponed thanks to snow. Then, just like last year, the brains trust at the Turkish Football Federation will reschedule those matches for some work-friendly time such as Wednesday at 2pm, again, just like they did last year.

Oh well. In the meantime I've been trying to follow the transfer news for Genclerbirligi. Let me tell you now that I'm far from totally sure what the hell is going on.

First the definites: Genclerbirligi have signed a couple of lower division players from Brazil. Sandro Da Silva Mezerios and Marien Heverton Da Silva, the latter of which goes by the name Tozo, whatever that means.

The first bloke is a forward who seems to have been getting amongst the goals in the friendlies down in Antalya. Any bets on him replacing Isaac Promise up front? As for the second fellow I'm not all that sure how he is going.

When it comes to who is leaving the club though I think the club, players involved and Trabzonspor have all been inspired by "Should I stay or should I go", a brilliant song by The Clash, whose lead singer Joe Strummer was born in Ankara,

As far as I understand this is the timeline:

Trabzonspor coach Idiot Ziya Dogan (the former Genclerbirligi coach who let Josip Skoko go on a free transfer) announced that he wanted from us Ayman, Risp and Erkan.

Some of the trabzonspor directors didn't like the plans.

Those directors in favour got into talks with Ilhan Cavcav (age 107) to try and sort out the transfers.

Deals arranged and Ayman, who had just six months left on his contract, was on his way to Istanbul for health check-ups. Gencler were to get about 1 million euros from the sale.

Trabzonspor pull out at the last minute. Ayman returns to Antalya to join the rest of the Gencler crew.

Mesut Bakkal, Genclerbirligi's coach, is a very happy man as he was against the sale in the first place. Cavcav (age 207) is probably pissed off as his main priority seems to be to make money, not to see us win the league.

Lanky Kanka Jorg is also very happy as he sees Ayman as a key player.

Now for the complete uncertainty. What is happening with Frederik Risp? Are Trabzonspor going to go for him? They certainly need him.

My hopes are that he will stay. Thinking back over the season so far I reckon he is one of our best players. But knowing Cavcav, any hint of an offer and he will be gone.


  1. Transfer news....blah blah blah !!

    Footie news..... for those of you who are interested ??!!

    In the EFES Cup being played at the World of Wonders Hotel in Antalya......

    Werder Bremen beat Besiktas and
    Feynoord beat Galatasaray.

    Last night (10 January) Besiktas and Galatasaray had a play-off match for 3rd place.

    It ended 1-1 with Nobre equalising just into time added on at the end of the match. Into a penalty shoot out and Besiktas won it 7-6 in an exciting climax for the fans.

    The final will be played between Bremen and Feynoord tomorrow.

    Look forward to a report from Hibbie Kanka on the more prestigious competition..... The Scottish Cup !!!!

  2. EFES Cup....... Final.

    Werder Bremen 2
    Feynoord 1

    Seems to me that W Bremen are a team to watch in YooRo footie and may be the new power in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich's star may just be beginning to wane ?!