Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Divided loyalties?

I saw a weird story from the Anatolian news agency today concerning Ankaragucu chairman Cemal Aydin.

Cast your minds back a few weeks ago to the Ankaragucu - Fenerbahce match which was played in Izmir, due to crowd incidents at an Ankaragucu away match to Sakarya, in which apparently some sort of fight broke out in the protocol section.

I have no idea what actually happened, the press reports were extremely vague but it appears that the Fenerbahce discipline board is going to have a look at the matter.

My first thought was "how on earth will an internal discipline board look at the actions of an opposition chairman?"

Logical obviously, but as we all know Turkish football is not the most logical sport in the world. It all became clear however when the article pointed out that Aydin is actually a member of Fenerbahce!

The Fenerbahce discipline board is going to look at the events in Izmir and also at subsequent statements made by Aydin, in which he has launched full-on attacks on the Fener chairman.

Genclerbirligi may have the former leader of a Galatasaray supporters club on its board but at least the chairman isn't a member of another club. Although it wouldn't surprise me if it turns out he is.

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  1. Dear Mr Aydin, in the hope that you are a regular reader of our Blog (!!!), I would respectfully request that you resign your membership of Fener...spit....bahce football club immediately.

    As Chairman of ANKARAGUCU, there should not be, and MUST not be, room for divided loyalties.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sir Eski Kanka Jim (Knighted by HM the Queen for services to ANKARAGUCU)