Monday, December 08, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

(Headline nicked from this morning’s Hurriyet !).

Well, CimBom came, they saw what Ankaragucu had for 45 minutes, and then they conquered !

ANKARAGUCU 0 Galatasaray 3

As usual it all started out on a high note of optimism, especially after last week’s away win in ‘Hell’.

As reported by Oz Kanka, two previous post ago, the kankas decided to watch the match in The Chopin Bar to avoid the fans protests at the Stadium and the possibility of confrontation with the Police.

Oz Kanka Chris, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I were the only kankas present and we reserved the biggest cheer of the night for Hibs defeating Celtic when it came through on the TV ‘ticker-tape’.

The Ankaragucu line-up was unchanged again and the match started at a furious pace with both teams seeking the early goal. Serkan was in great form again and only spilled one high ball in the entire match which he gathered at the second attempt.

The best chance of the 1st half fell to Gokhan when he received a cut-back about 20 metres out and thundered in a shot with De Sanctis rooted to the spot. We were up on our feet shouting ……. GOAAAAL ! However, the ball hit the inside of the post and instead of deflecting into the goal it flew across towards De Sanctis who ducked and the ball was cleared to safety.

Half time came and we were fairly satisfied with Ankaragucu’s efforts.

My tactics are well known on this Blog, but only Skibbe took notice of my suggestions when he sent Galatasaray out in the 2nd half to up-the-pace of attack. Some of the kankas felt that Karaman’s tactics were to play defensive in the 2nd half and hold out for a 0-0. I’m not so sure.

Galatasaray stepped on the gas and they were beginning to look more dangerous as the 2nd half unfolded. No doubting their fitness level which is something that the Ankaragucu defence have a problem with as I have mentioned before !

Then the storm arrived half-way through the 2nd half. Firstly, our Captain Courageous, Murat, was substituted with Tolga taking the armband. I’m at a loss to understand Karaman’s reason for taking off the captain when there is still all to play for. Murat is an inspirational player and at the heart of Ankaragucu’s midfield engine room. I’m not suggesting that this was the reason for the Ankaragucu collapse. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but it is something Karaman should ponder for future matches !

Anyway, no sooner had the game restarted than the storm began. A quick break down the right, the ball swung over, and there was predator Baros rushing in ahead of the Ankaragucu defenders to give Serkan no chance.

Looks of shock all round as Ankaragucu lost possession (again) from the re-start. Another break down the right and the ball cut back to Kewell who was in a similar position to that of Gokhan’s effort in the 1st half.

His volley was expertly placed in the top right hand corner of the net with Serkan again blameless.

Two minutes later it was 3 when Baros struck again with Ankaragucu still reeling from the initial blast of the storm !

Exasperated looks all round from the kankas, much head shaking and looks of disbelief.

Jaba had a chance to score a consolation goal when he was put through one-on-one with the goalkeeper but the ball was well blocked by De Sanctis and scrambled away to safety.

That was it. Lessons to be learned here me thinks ! I recommend that Karaman shows all 3 Galatasaray goals in slow motion to the team this week. Also, I noticed that the Galatasary midfielders are usually ‘up there’ supporting the strikers on those fast breakaways !

I don’t have any details of the result of the fans protest as I write. Perhaps Oz Kanka can comment if he has the details.

No respite then for Ankaragucu’s attempts to climb out of the bottom reaches of the league. Another difficult one next weekend in Istanbul against Besiktas (mustn’t say Sekiztrash because it upsets some of our readers !!) who will be anxious to rectify losing 3 points to Ankaraspor this weekend.

It doesn’t get any easier does it ?!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. According to Radikal one fan was taken to hospital after fighting between pro-Aydin and anti-Aydin Ankaragucu supporters. I think we saw that fight on the telly in about the eighth minute.

    There was also a nice protest in the stands where anti-Aydin types commented on the fact that Cemal Aydin has been banned from attending any matches for 66 days. Each of them wore a letter to spell out the sentence "66 days without you is like being in heaven" (or something like that).

  2. Anonymous12:34 am

    Battle Damaged Kanka says. . .

    Jim, excellent report--as always. However, let me just add that towards the very end, Metin had an amazing opportunity, but somehow managed to blow it. Metin is a pretty solid defender, but his shooting ability leaves a lot to be desired.

    Thanks to Oz Kanka for mentioning the t-shirt. I f*****g love it! Maybe I can get Maniac Kanka Harun to make me one.

    By the way, Maniac, where the hell are you?! Went to your store twice but you weren't there. Seni cok ozledik. Come back.

  3. Agree with Battle Damaged about Maniac Kanka. Too many absences.

    Isn't Ankaragucu more important than ANYTHING ??!!

    Maniac has a chance to redeem himself this Saturday. Let's see if he responds !