Friday, December 05, 2008

This is serious

Seems as if things are getting nasty at Ankaragucu.

Sir Eski Kanka sent me an e-mail this evening, quoting a message he had received from the Anti-X supporters group. Basically the e-mail said that Ankaragucu had cancelled all kombine (season) tickets that were given to Anti-X at the beginning of the season for this Sunday's Ankaragucu-Galatasaray match.

Those people who bought tickets through the club (at double the price) will be able to get in.

Since receiving that message I've checked out the Anti-X forum and news of the cancellation was first posted yesterday.

Responses were at first those of disbelief and confusion. A bit of swearing (and then a comic reminder that women are also members of Anti-X and could everyone obey the rules and stop swearing) and then pure anger, anger at Cemal Aydin.

There is nothing on the official Ankaragucu website that I can see.

As far as I can tell from the dozens and dozens of messages and announcements on the Anti-X site the cancellation is only for this match, although I cannot be totally sure.

Seems as if the very vocal protests against Aydin by the Ankaragucu fans, especially during the televised game against Fenerbahce a couple of weeks ago, has pissed him off big time.

Anti-X are calling all Ankaragucu fans to go to the match. Sir Eski Kanka, however, is advising that the Kankas watch at the Chopin. I have to agree. Not only is it going to be chaos with enormous lines to get tickets, it is almost certainly going to get nasty on Sunday night.

So, the plan is to meet up at the Chopin at 4:45 pm on Sunday and a final decision will be made there whether to go to the match. My advice to my Ankaragucu friends... watch it at the pub.

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  1. Thanks for this post Oz Kanka.

    I have just sent out an email to the Ankara based kankas to that effect.

    I am still of the opinion that we should watch it in The Chopin. I have a premonition that the Police will be out in force and there will be no mercy shown by them if trouble flares up after being caught out under-strength at the last 'battle' !