Sunday, December 14, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Just read last week’s report and then subtract 2 goals !!

Besiktas 1 ANKARAGUCU 0

Yes, full of optimism before the match – as usual. Who was there in The Chopin ?

Oz Kanka Chris, Kaleci Kanka Tansu, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo, and yours truly. Ooooops …… almost forgot …….. the return of the prodigals ….. Maniac Kanka Harun and Yankee Kanka !

Ankaragucu’s line-up was similar to last week with the exception of Jaba who had accumulated too many yellow cards. He was replaced by Murat Duruer who was ‘absent’ for 90 minutes ….. as usual !

The match started at a furious pace (as usual) with end to end play, but Ankaragucu’s attacks were usually breaking down with their final pass.

Besiktas was looking dangerous with their fast breaks and it was one such breakaway which led to the first goal after 25 minutes.

The goal was a combination of errors by all concerned, except Serkan.

The ball was swung in from the right to the Besiktas front runners with the Ankaragucu defence back-pedalling. The ball went over the Besiktas strikers and it was met by Tolga who got his head to the ball with the intention of knocking it out for a corner. However, he didn’t connect properly and it fell nicely for Holosko who was coming in on the blind side. He brought the ball onto his left foot intending to shoot and Serkan had it covered at the near post. However, Holosko mis-hit the shot and the ball’s direction deceived everyone by squirming to the far post and trickling into the goal. It was a lucky goal, but ….. it was a goal !

Ankaragucu continued to press forward but their passing was woeful, play becoming ragged and they were giving possession away all too often........ dare I say ..... as usual ?!

The one big positive was that Serkan was in good form again and kept the score down with some fine goalkeeping. The defence was working overtime and Santos and Tolga were happy to clear the ball anywhere.

Gokhan reprised his shooting ability. Another thunderbolt was heading for a goal with Rustu clawing air, the kankas on their feet, and ……….. that bloody post got in the way again ! When things are not going well it is always difficult to grab a piece of luck !

Gokhan had another effort in the 2nd half when well placed but sliced it out of play when the goal beckoned.

Mehmet huffed and puffed but didn’t cause any danger to the Besiktas defence.

Captain Murat Erdogan was substituted in the 2nd half again – why ? I just don’t understand the logic of this. He is the only attacking midfielder in the team worth a mention !!

So, it’s all doom and gloom again with Ankaragucu’s problem there for all to see. 15 matches played and 13 goals scored ! A miserable tally which has to be rectified in the 2nd half of the season.

Back down into the relegation zone then with next week’s match away to Denizli taking on added significance. Nothing less than a win will suffice to take Ankaragucu into the winter shut-down. Let’s hope new Coach Mesut Bakkal can motivate the players to make their passes stick and to put the bloody ball where it should go …….. ie ……….. between the effin sticks !!!

All the best from a worried Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous7:55 am

    Battle Damaged Kanka says. . .
    Just saw a clip from a recent press conference in Iraq where someone (I believe a reporter) hurled his shoes (it looked like a nice pair of shoes too)at lame duck President Bush. Unfortunately the man missed.

    Obviously neither shoe throwing at Bush nor shouting yonetim istifa at Cemal Aydin are effective methods of creating change. But after the last two matches, I just find myself shaking my head and wondering what would be.

  2. Just saw the incident on Kanal Turk and had a little snigger or two !

    All credit for Mr Bush to take the same line and laugh it off.

    By the way, I wager an Efes or two that the shoes thrown were not of the expensive Eeee-talyan variety as worn by our Kanka Style Man, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon !!

  3. I was at the match in Istanbul! Murat looked awful. He needed to be taken off. The team was on their heals the whole time. Even when they were down 1-0 they were playing not to lose rather than to win. Besiktas fans do look like henchmen...and were not that loud.

    -"cheesesteak" Jamie

  4. a typical, boring besiktas game that reminded me of our miserable years between 95 and 03 -the years between 04-08 haven't been any better, but at least there is a reason this time, the president.

    back in these days we would joke among besiktas fans that our tactic was "sekerse tehlike" - "dangerous only when the ball bounces". well this time the ball did bounce and we scored.

    had the cracker on the post went in, things would have been very different at our side. our luck, your unluck.

    hope the return game will be as clean as this one in terms of in/out pitch violence