Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Australian colonisation of Genclerbirligi continues

(photo from wikipedia commons)

Shares in Anadolu Efes Biracilik Ve Malt Sanayii A.S. were up on Wednesday as news hit the markets that another Australian was headed for Genclerbirligi. reported that Genclerbirligi had signed Central Coast Mariners midfielder Mile Jedinak continuing the Australian take-over of the Anatolian club which now has three Aussie players on the books.

Investigative reporting from "The round ball in Ankara" discovered that Jedinak is 24 years-old and made his debut for Australia earlier this year in a friendly match against Singapore, the same match at which Aussie Bruce made his Aussie debut. also did their own investigative reporting, saying that due to Jedinak's performances for Central Coast, the fans call him "God". Call it a coincidence if you want, but that happens to be exactly what Wikipedia says about the bloke.

"The round ball in Ankara" however prefers to believe that actually rang random Central Coast phone numbers to find out what the locals think of him. "Do you think Jedinak will be good for Genclerbirligi?"
Random Central Coast person: "God knows?" editors: "Let's just selectively quote that sentence."

Welcome to Ankara Mile!


  1. While Gencler can afford the luxury of courting censure with their naughty racist coach, and bringing lots of those foreigners in from down under (isn't Oz Kanka's presence in Ankara enough I ask ?), we in Ankaragucu have other things on our mind .......... hmmmm.....

    like trying to keep our present players at Ankaragucu and avoiding relegation, which as all footie fanatiks of Turkish footie knows is ..... unthinkable !!!

    I am thinking it will soon be time for the great Kenan Evren to exert some influence in high places !!!

  2. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka says. . .

    Oh, crap, there you go again with the Kenan Evren stuff, Eski. That man's way of "helping" we can do without. Let us not sully the honorable name of Ankaragucu.

  3. Battle Damaged is heading for more damage with these comments. I strongly urge you (for your own safety) not to say anything derogatory about the Great Man face-to-face with Eski Kanka !!!

  4. Anonymous12:05 am

    Battle Damaged Kanka says . . .
    Hmm. . . threats of violence, in a public forum no less, towards a loyal friend and fellow kanka on Christmas as a response to a dissenting opinion in a blog comment. Very disappointing. Very disappointing indeed. Where was that Christmas spirit, Eski?

  5. If you would really like to share some Christmas spirit with me BD, then meet me in The Knight and Flight on Cevre Sokak tonight (Saturday) at about 7pm.

    PS... no weapons are allowed on the premises !!

  6. Except for darts I assume. I'll try to make it. Might be a touch late.

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