Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A picture waiting for a story

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  1. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka says. . .

    It is so tempting, but I'll refrain from any cheap shots. They both do look surprisingly happy given how our season has been going. In fact, a couple of days ago I got a birthday message on facebook from a former student. He quipped that come next year's birthday I will not be able to see
    Ankaragucu in the Super Lig. He was joking, but with Gokhan going, I fear truth may indeed be spoken in jest. Maybe it is thinking about Hibs that has put a smile on Eski and Maniac's faces.

  2. Thank God (the 'real' God that is, not the 'pretend' God coming to Gencler from Oz !) Battle Damaged has not suffered any serious injuries to his head after his battle injuries in Kayseri !!

    He still has his famous sense of humour in operation !

    Well, the story goes that Maniac requested Braaat Kankie to bring him a Raith Rovers top many moons ago. For new kankas, it was Kirkaldy Kanka Martyn (now in Liverpool) who introduced Maniac Kanka Harun to the kankas, again, many moons ago.

    Martyn hails from Kirkaldy, home of Raith Rovers FC, once a famous Scottish footie team, but now in the 3rd Division. However, having said that, they are top at the moment, and if all goes well, could be playing the Mighty Hibernian in the Premier League in 2 years time .... Inshallah !!

    Anyway, Braaat Kankie had probs finding a Raith Rovers top. After all they are not as famous as Sydney FC or Hibernian FC.

    The good news is that she eventually tracked down an 'away' top, which as you can see in the photo, is silver with blue and red trimmings. The sponsor of Raith Rovers is Penmans Car Sales of Kirkcaldy ..... a famous company which I'm sure you have all heard of ??!!

    So, last night was the presentation of the said top to Harun and I haven't seen him so happy in years .... well ... months .... well .... anyway a long time.

    Therefore, please keep checking the Jock results and watch the big question of the season ...... no, not ....

    will Gencler be suspended for being a racist club ?

    or will Ankaragucu will the Super League ?

    or will Ronaldo really stab Sir Alex in the back and go to Real ?

    No no no ..... the really important question is ....

    will Raith Rovers win the 3rd League and join the 'almost' big boys in the 2nd Division of the Jock League ????

    Exciting ..... yes ???

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. yesssss!!!!!we are comıng this season to the 2. leauge.finest fifest RAITH ROVERS!!!!!!
    by the way merry christmas to all christendom

  4. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka says. . .

    Ah, so that's a Raith Rovers top. Gule gule giy, Harun.

  5. Anonymous3:44 pm

    This is a fantastic photo. Raith for the title, Ankaragucu for survival. Hibs for europe with Kirkcaldy boy Lewis Stevenson playing a big role. En buyuk Kankalar.

    Kirkcaldy Kanka

  6. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Chi non muore si risente

    Grande Kirkcaldy Kanka. Good to once again see a post from you.

    --Battle Damaged Kanka

  7. Agreed (this is twice in two days I have agreed with BD !!).

    Kirkcaldy Kanka is out of sight but not out of mind !

  8. Anonymous12:24 pm

    I'm just crap at keeping in contact. But the people are with me all the time. Especially when drinking whisky and raki with Eh-Kanka Richard over Christmas. 16 year old Lagavulin and Ardbeg and Harun's favourite Kulup Raki. Stevenson played well against Hearts Jim, watched it on Setanta. I hate Hearts. Happy New Year. En buyuk Baskent.
    Kirkcaldy Kanka

  9. Hey Kirkcaldy Kanka. Impressed by your choice of whisky ! Any chance of sending a bottle or two over here by UPS for Maniac, Battle Damaged and yours truly ??!!

    We had to 'suffer' our way through a bottle of East Lothian's Finest, The Glenkinchie, a couple of months ago !!

    Aye, the general consensus was that Hearts were lucky to escape with one point against Hibs last weekend. However, it will be a different story this weekend with the two teams head to head again in the Cup. This time it's at Fortress Easter Road Stadium !!

    Long may the Kirkcaldy connection at Hibs continue !