Saturday, January 19, 2008

Curse of the African Cup of Nations

Fortress Fratton will rise once more from the ashes of the African Cup of Nations, believe me! Our Africans will have ingested the requisite amounts of jungle juice, rubbed themselves all over with monkey blood and had themselves beaten into a frenzy by the local witch doctor - and if that doesn't work then we'll all have to rely on 'arry giving them one of his top team talks.

Derby at home today; surely we can break our scoring duck against them? Pleeeeeeeese! They must be the worst outfit to have graced the hallowed world of the English Premiership? It's amazing that we haven't scored at home since September when we beat Reading 7-4; we must be approaching some kind of record now. Still, we're only 5 points off 4th place, we've signed Diarra from Arsenal for 5 mill, and he's supposed to be the dogs. So, Derby today, Plymouth at home in the cup next week (a match otherwise known as the uneducated person's local derby – there is about 200 miles between the two cities) then Man Utd away, oh dear!

Talking of Man Yew, they are here in Riyadh from tomorrow evening, playing an exhibition match against Al Hilal, so I'm probably going to go and watch that with a few others. Tickets are a tad expensive though, SR380 (about £50). Anyway, it'll break the tedium for a few hours hopefully. It's also been rumoured that the team will be paying a visit to our delightful little Compound, perhaps to use the football pitch, although I can't see Sir Alex allowing his multi-million pound footballers to use a pitch where the sprinklers have a habit of jumping out at you and causing trivial injuries like broken ankles and twisted knees! Or maybe they’ve heard about the local brew, which can have the effect of deadening those after match strains!

Me and my family are all off to Beirut in February for a week, do a bit of skiing, drink a few local beers, etc, etc. Our next door neighbours are also coming along, Aussie family, but we'll try and overlook that shortcoming for a few days (sorry Chris)! With a bit of luck, we'll also be able to dodge the car bombs downtown!

Finally, good luck to Ankaragucu and ….. I can’t remember the name of that other team in Ankara …. ah yes, Ankaraspor – I think that covers the top teams in the area!!!!

Play Up Pompey!


  1. good luck portsmouth too

  2. Darren said:
    Finally, good luck to Ankaragucu and ….. I can’t remember the name of that other team in Ankara …. ah yes, Ankaraspor – I think that covers the top teams in the area!!!!

    In which case... "c'mon Derby"

  3. Ooooooo....I can feel all the animosity from here !! However, it was a typical `tongue in cheek` comment from Pompey Kanka !!

    No probs for Pompey against Derby or ManYoo, but.... Argyle ?.... mmmm.... that's a different story.

    The only Ingallish team to wear the Hibernian GREEN will be a sore test for Pompey I think. Nothing to lose for them, and with all the Africans (all 4 who are the backbone of the Pompey team) absent, then Pompey will be hard pressed to deal with an attack minded Argyle me thinks !

    Oh yes, and by the way, if you meet Sir Alex perchance do NOT, repeat NOT, ask for his autograph for me. He was a Rangers player and we Hibbies do not, repeat NOT, forgive that !!!