Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Greeting Kankas and Kankies.

Following on from all the `hueing and crying` in Gencler circles recently, it is time to bring some common sense into the equation about football club strategy.

Perhaps we can learn something about loyalty and strategy from the Board of Directors of Edinburgh Hibernian Football Club.

Oz Kanka mentioned in a very recent post about the demise of Gencler’s Coach that he doubted that The Directors of Gencler visited this site. Fair comment, and no doubt true. However, I am posting this in the hope that someone `out there` can direct them to our site !

In a recent statement, the Hibs Directors said that their strategy is….. SES. Not …. SOS as presently applies to The Gencler’s Board Strategy !!

I quote from the Hibs Website……


`Successful - because the Board is determined to see Hibernian compete each year at the upper echelon of Scottish football, achieve European football on a regular basis, and remain secure for future generations with a first-class infrastructure.

Exciting - because we want to play an entertaining brand of football and thereby provide a return for every supporter who invests in a ticket for the match or a season ticket.

Sustainable - because we must always remember that the long-term stability of the club is paramount. The Board would be negligent if it tried to pursue short-term success at the expense of long-term stability. Our job is to develop the Club in a way that ensures it will be here for generations to come. So that’s our vision – successful, exciting and sustainable football. To deliver that vision, the Board has to balance many factors. A number of key aims are contained within the Board’s strategy, these include:

* developing a first-class training centre to support the development of our talented footballers

* completing Easter Road as a top quality, modern stadium that provides the Club’s supporters with the best possible facilities

* and, of course, providing the Manager with the support he needs to build and develop his squad. This is done in an incremental and sustainable way, adding to costs when increased levels of revenue are achieved or foreseen`…


Impressed ?

I liked the bit where they give responsibility to the Coach-Manager for developing the team and building for the future. It doesn’t happen in a day or months or even 1 or 2 years….. it takes time !

Hibernian Football Club is only one of a few teams in Scotland who own their own Stadium, but they have still managed to open a 5 Million Pounds Sterling `State of the Art` Training Centre recently in my home county, East Lothian, which is a major achievement.

The Board is also committed to extending the capacity of Easter Road Stadium from its present 17,000 to 25,000 in the next few years.

I have mentioned before in previous posts on the Blog that Hibs Youth Policy is the envy of many Clubs in the UK, and again, this is down to the Manager-Coach to promote this very important function. But…… it doesn’t happen in a day !!! It takes time to build contacts and develop talent !

So, what I am saying is….. if anyone reading this Blog has access to Mr Cavcav and Mr Aydin, then please explain it to them and ask them to contemplate the message for the good of their Footie Clubs and not their own prestige !!!

Strategy is all about building for the future …… SUCCESS of the Club and not the individual !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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