Monday, January 14, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.
You've seen the photo and no doubt you all gasped in surprise with such comments as..... golly gosh or gee whiz or shock horror or........ probably something stronger !!
Maniac Kanka drinking Ayran in The Cappadokia ? Can't be real, or can it ?!
For those of you with long memories, Harun was named Maniac Kanka many moons ago by the now legendary Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn.
He has proved worthy of his Kanka name at the Battle of Sakarya Caddesi Mark I and Mark II and we have always been proud of our very own Maniac.
However, I have to ask the question....... does drinking Ayran in public constitute a crisis in Kanka circles and is it time to consider a new name for Harun ??!!
Look forward to hearing from you all with your decision.
All the best from a very disturbed Eski Kanka Jim


  1. dear kankas and kankies
    maybe you all tried ayran with döner kebap?
    a new question for all maybe an inquiry. wich one is better with döner kebap?
    c-tuborg(my favorit beer)or efes
    d-türkish delicious AYRAN
    BY THE WAY ı love my nickname wich gaved me by my BRAVE BROTHER MARTIN!yesssss ım the MANIACKANKA!

  2. Anonymous6:51 pm


    When in Rome do as the Romans. When in Turkiye do as the Turks.
    When with the maniacs do as the king Maniac does.

    I think we should perhaps be a little ashamed of ourselves for not having gone the Ayran route as well. After all, he did return to the EFES shortly thereafter, did he not?

    PS I think Eski Kanka's excuse will be that they did not have Sutash Ayran. Or perhaps he will simply go with Harun's choice C and say that EFES goes best with everything--including doner. Let's see exactly what his retort is.

  3. I will take up Battle Damaaged Kanka's challenge.....

    Doner goes with EFES.
    Shish kebab goes with EFES.
    Adana kebab goes with EFES.
    Iskender kebab goes with EFES.
    Belpinar Kofte goes with EFES.....

    get the picture ???

    I don't want to see any kankas drinking Ayran in the future, well .... OK... unless it is Sutash... !!!

    In view of Maniac's passionate response, then perhaps we can alow this name to remain..... but only if he doesn't get caught by Eski Kanka drinking that 'orrible stuff again !!

    We are kankas and we drink...... EFES or ... grudgingly.... Tuborg !!!