Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Korkmaz sacked... how fucked is Gencler?

If it is records that Genclerbirligi are going for we may well be doing well. This evening we sacked our coach... not that Miilyet or Hurriyet could be bothered reporting (at least not in their internet editions late on Tuesday night).

Looking at the news at (and informed to me by "fenerfan" in comments in a previous post - thanks mate) it seems as if we have sacked Bulent Korkmaz and signed our old coach Mesut Bakkal to take over for the next week (sorry, I meant, season).

I admit that Genclerbirligi have not been doing well this season but I do ask you all whether it is a good idea to change coaches every couple of weeks. If Bakkal does become the Gencler coach then we will have had five coaches this season.

My point? This is bloody pathetic. Not everything that is wrong with the team can be laid down at the coach. Where is our transfer policy? When the hell are we going to buy a striker?

The latest sacking is clearly the tactic of one old, scared chairmain - Ilhan Cavcav.

Mr. Cavcav, you have done some wonderful things in your time as Genclerbirligi chairman. You have built the team up, you have kept the team in the black, you have presided over some brilliant runs in the Turkish Cup and the UEFA Cup. There are many other things which you should be praised for, and for those I have forgoıtten I apologise.

But please... please... hand the running of the team over to someone younger. It is time for you to retire. Genclerbirligi are becoming a joke.

Of course, Cavcav will never read this plea... So I guess we are fucked.


  1. Anonymous4:48 am

    First of all, you're welcome.

    Secondly, here is rumor- but only a rumor, i dont know if it's true 100% - intentionally, Cavcav will relegate Gencler and keep Oftas in the Superleague. Then when Gencler is in the lower division, all that money that Gencler has will disappear and since Gencler would be in the second league, nobody would pay attention to their financial status. Could be true or false, but the way Gencler is being controlled this season, i dont know...

    A Fenerfan from US of A.

  2. Dear Ozkanka, Fenerbahce fan has a point!.... OFTAS players and coaches are getting chump money...
    may be he wants to save money...

    CavCav loves money!...

    Just remember what I told you....He might end up coaching the team him self....this is disaster for Genclerbirligi...
    Lastly,Bulent Korkmaz is finished as a coach!...and that is shame....

  3. Lots of interesting conspiracy theories and all about money of course !

    Turkish football is still on a learning curve and unfortunately it is still following Italy and Spain, ie, failure means the boot and even success can sometimes bring a knife to the back (Real Madrid last season ??!!).

    A successful Club needs the stability of a long-term coach, back-up team of assistants and scouts, administration and PR expert, and a loyal fan base. With those in place, the rest usually follows !

    However, here we are talking about Mr Cavcav and with him it seems that common sense logic doesn't apply.

    I have been to a few Gencler matches this season and have seen the passion for the Club from some die-hard fans. How long can Cavcav depend on their loyalty I wonder ?

    Sad days, and we will see if Fenerfan and Ahmet Bey's theories are proved correct over the next few weeks or so.

  4. The Turkcell Super League coaching carousel continues!..

  5. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Dear friends, I heard it yesterday evening also.. meanwhile for sure its official,
    Mesut will be back again.. thank you Ozkanka for your words to Mr. Cavcav, but indeed, he will never read it! But who the f*** is able to present himself as a real new chairman for the club? There is none, everybody scared about this old Padrino? He made good things, but only because it ment profit, now the ship is sinking, it will be very difficult to come back this season.

    now its the time for attila aytek and all the alternative yönetim to show up.

    gencler, you never walk alone, but iits getting harder and harder to follow you....

    lanky kanka from berlin

  6. Actually, as far as I heard, the plan is the Erciyes - Kayseri merger tactic. I.e., Genclerbirligi will be relegated, some of the players will be transferred to OFTAS, the club will be abolished, and OFTAS will become Genclerbirligi. Actually, I hate to say it, but it sounds feasible and reasonable -although definitely not ethical, and still pathetic-. After all, two teams in the same division are too much, especially with such a weak fan base and no prospect to enlarge it.

    Bulent Korkmaz has never been a coach. He doesn't have a license at all, and he never bothered to have one.

  7. Anonymous11:52 am

    An old Turkish proverb goes

    Dere gecerken at degistirilmez.

    Roughly: Don't change horses while crossing the river.

    Sounds appropriate for Ankaragücü this season with their early sacking of Briegel and super appropriate for our friends in red and black.