Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

On a depressingly disappointing Wednesday at the end of a depressing a bloody cold January, the ANKARAGUCU Cup dream came to an end on the Black Sea coast..... says Eski Kanka popping in another anti-depression pill into his glass of luvvlie EFES !!!


No details of the match known as I write this, but who the f**k cares who scored the f******g goal in Rize anyway !!!

The sad fact is that ANKARAGUCU let themselves (and the fans) down and it goes back to the defeat in The Stadium from Hell on the 6th of January. Hakan Kutlu's team selection was OK for Antakyaspor, but someone should have told him we weren't playing them that day !!!

However, all credit to Rize for topping Group A ahead of the hated Sekiztrash. Hakan Kutlu can say all he likes to journalists about his wish to take ANKARAGUCU to the Cup Final, but the bottom line is............ actions speak louder than words !!!

My last word on this season's Turkish Cup........ C'mon Gencler and OFTAS !!!

Back to League business on Sunday and surely we can beat those upstarts from the wrong side of the Bosphorus and get the show back on the road ?! So..........

C'mon ANKARAGUCU ...... let's bite their legs !!!

All the best from ...... hey, I was going to say a depressed Eski Kanka Jim, but....... f*****n 'ell, these anti-depression pills are working...... yeah, must get another prescription for more for next season's Turkish Cup !!!!

See y'all on Sunday.

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