Monday, January 28, 2008

Last second goal sinks Genclerbirligi (and Oz Kanka runs out of beer)

Yet again I missed the start of the match. Dinner and the fact that I completely forgot meant that I only managed to turn the radio on with two minutes to go in the first half with the scores on 1-1 and the commentator saying that midfielder Mehmet Nas was having a bad game.

Mmmm. Anyone remember the couple of games when he and Nick Carle played together and the two lookalikes played as if they were twins? Nick Carle, of course, has now left the club and is plying his trade at Bristol City. City's gain, our loss.

In fact Carle gave me a call a few weeks ago. I was on my second or third beer at a party in Sydney waiting for the fireworks on New Years Eve when Carle phoned asking for some help in getting his visa to the UK sorted out. Carle was in Ankara and had no idea I was half cut in Sydney at the time.

Anyway, I tried all I could to ensure he couldn't get his visa and therefore would be forced to stay at Genclerbirligi... but to no avail.

Back to the match... Well having listened to almost none of it I can't say much, except that Mr. Fish Grape scored for Gencler in the 21st and then Bursa equalised 11 minutes later.

Genclerbirligi really need to win this one... so do Bursa as well. Whomever loses will be in the relegation zone. If it stays like this Gencler will stay in the second last position. C'mon Gencler!

Bursa have had their captain sent off just a few minutes into the second half and the crowd are clearly swearing in unison and stuff is being thrown onto the pitch. The commentator says it was a harsh decision.

So, heaps of time (we are in the 59th minute) and all to play for.

Bursa almost score, just 23 minutes to go... It's all Bursa at the moment, attack after attack, perhaps the bonuses promised by the Bursa chairman have inspired them. Oh God, another huge chance for Bursa but the ball goes out... phew.

Oh dear... Isaac Promise is coming on. Prove me an idiot Isaac!

Oh come on Gencler... they are a man down. Attack!

With a bit over 10 minutes to go it sounds like the game has bogged down. Still 1-1.

Shit. Disaster... I've run out of beer. Arrrggghh

El Saka almost scores for Bursa. 82nd minute... Corner cleared.

Promise excites the commentator but in the end he fails to get a shot in or offload... sound familiar?

This time our man Promise is offside... about five minutes left.

Bursa have a corner... ball goes off the post, and off the post again .... and now Gencler go on the counter... Promise with the ball... runs and runs, Promise shoots! and ..... out.

And now we are taking off midfielder Mehmet Cakir, he is only our leading goalscorer this year.

89th minute and still 1-1. Not looking good.

Mehmet Nas gets himself sent off for a second yellow. Now we are into extra time.

Oh my God! Final seconds and disaster... Bursa score and I'm off to cry in my beer. Shit... I forgot I've run out. This truely is a nightmare season for Gencler.

Bursa 2 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Nick Carle applauds the crowd after Bristol City beat Blackpool 1-0. Why did we let him go?


  1. No shame losing to Bursa, but..... oh dear....

    First we have the shame of Marash Kanka drinking Orange Fanta in The Sahil and then more shame..... Maniac Kanka drinking Ayran in The Cappadokia..... now...

    An Aussie without a fridge stocked full of beer ???

    Shame on Oz Kanka !

    Keep this up and we Kankas will be excomunicated from 19 Mayis Stadium !!!

  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Bulent Korkmaz is fired.

    Mesut Bakkal will be the fifth coach of Genclerbirligi this season.

  3. What ??? Are you serious ???

    If so, I suppose Cavcav will bribe Cemal Aydin to bring Hakan Kutlu out of the fire into the frying pan !!!

    By the way, and on a serious note, the ex-Hibs manager, John Collins, is still unconnected..... well... he did win the Scottish League Cup for Hibs and he could probably apply his midas touch and bring the Turkish Cup to Gencler ??!!