Friday, January 18, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It was no contest at the 19 Mayis Stadium last Wednesday night when the voting for Best Dressed Supporter went unanimously to our own Battle Damaged Kanka Damon.

It would appear to me at the half way point in the season that Battle Damaged Kanka has his eyes on the prestigious award of Kankalar Group Kanka of the Season.

Previous winners who have claimed this coveted award have been –

Oz Kanka for his efforts in setting up The Round Ball in Ankara.
Sir Eski Kanka awarded his Knighthood by Oz Kanka for services to Ankaragucu.
Mountaineering Kanka for taking the Ankaragucu flag to the top of Mount Kilemanjaro.
Maniac Kanka for his heroics in defending the kankas at the Battles of Sakarya Caddesi Mk I and Mk II.

In fact, Battle Damaged Kanka was indeed fortunate in being able to join us in Maraton last Wednesday. The Police at the Stadium Gate No 7 was clearly shocked that he should be entering along with all of us hooligans. The Policeman was determined to escort him around the Stadium to Protokol (VIP area) until Battle Damaged Kanka was able to explain that he was a bone fide Kanka !

As you can see from the photo above, Battle Damaged Kanka was a worthy winner. The cloth on his cashmere ankle length coat obviously came from an animal in the Andorra Mountains and was probably styled and made in Italy.

He was too modest to admit it but his white shirt had all the hallmarks of a Vakko creation. His jacket too, but we found out later that it was from one of the famous boutique’s in Rome.

His tie was an exquisite blue with adorable white flowers and no ordinary tie this. Putting aside his love of Italian style, he chose this from Paris and the silk touch of the tie was as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom !

However, what really must have swung the voting in Battle Damaged’s favour was the shoes. Pure Italian black leather (they match jolly well with his black leather gloves) with delightful silver buckles. My guess is that the buckles were pure silver and probably mined in the foothills of the Italian Alps !

So, our congratulations to Battle Damaged Kanka Damon for this well deserved award. He has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that in addition to being a man of substance, he is also a man of considerable style !!

As for The Kankalar Group’s Kanka of the Season, this will be revealed at the End of Season Bar-B-Q. A likely contender for this award to challenge Battle Damaged Kanka will no doubt be Mini Alpine Kanka Christoph for his services to youth football. A difficult choice for the judges !

All the best from `Style Reporter` Eski Kanka Jim


  1. congratulations damon!you were lookıng like an italian mafia!(the godfather)ohohohohohoho hahahahahh heheheheheheheh

  2. Anonymous6:56 pm

    I think forging a link between Gucu and the world of fashion could be beneficial. Thanks BDK! There are dangers to traveling with BDK whilst he is in such garb. As Harun said he is often mistaken for Mafioso. Also, the unwanted attention can get downright spooky. Once while I was with BDK I got a funny feeling and looked over my shoulder to see no less than fifty shoe-shiners tailing us. But that was nothing compared to the time we ran into a drunk chamois looking for trouble. He took one look at BDK and went for it. Simply defending his species, he didn't deserve the beating we gave him. Ah, well. We all love BDK. He wouldn't be the same without his dapper duds.