Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ankaragucu-Buca: The Realists were Right

Well, the details will have to wait until tomorrow, but let's just say that I really enjoy being right. Somewhere between Maniac Kanka's pessimism and Eski's unbridled optimism was my humble prediction of a victory--but one falling short of 6-0 naturally.

Note: just noticed that Nadeem too had made a reasonable prediction of 3-2.

Although, it must be said that we quite possibly could have scored 6 as the final score was

Ankaragucu 5 Bucaspor 3.

Quite an exciting match to watch as well, what with Jim's fav Murat scoring the first two goals, Vittek with a well taken penalty, and then a gritty header by Metin, only to be followed up by one hell of a free kick from Ozgur in the closing minutes of the match.

Much more to tell though. I'll be giving you all the full report tomorrow. Sleep well, Ankara, you earned it.

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  1. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Great game of football today, Ticket cost were about £3 for that, whilst barca real tickets went for up to £1000 and at half time its been utter pish as they would say in scotland