Monday, April 25, 2011

Prague Spring--Ankaragucu Style

Photo taken from Roman Bednar's Facebook page.

Ankaragucu Chairman Ahmet Gokcek, manager Mesut Bakkal, and general manager Ender Yurtguven have gone to Prague to check out four players .

So Ankaragucu have been keeping their eye on four players since January. While they mention no names (they claim they don't want to jack up prices), they do mention that the players are defenders and mid-fielders. The final stage in the process is now up to Mesut the Messiah. What will he write in his report? Whatever it is will be key in determining whether we see these players in blue and yellow.

There has also been some mention of three German players of Turkish origin who are also on the list of potential Ankaragucu squad members.

Given how much our current Czech and Slovak team members have contributed, I find this news rather exciting.


  1. Given that we are now in 'dream mode', let me join the fun too.

    Ankaragucu is now only 5 points off the Europa Cup qualification places, and with only four matches remaining can we at least dream of winning those matches and qualifying ??!!

    On a serious note, I'm pleased to hear that Mesut Bey is attempting to strengthen the defence which has been 'leaky' all season !

    The other priority is to retain Sapara and Sestak for next season !

  2. Eski, take your optimism pills, and let me hear you say "impossible is nothing." Why not? Karabük, Sivas, Fener, and Antalya are all teams we are capable of beating. Ok, Fener's on a roll, but we've been kickin' their ass all season, so...

    On Sapara and Sestak, I couldn't agree more.

  3. Are you sure that is correct Jim ? i thought the top four qualified for Europe according to Ata's podcast, and Gaziantep are to far ahead.

    Good to see us looking at Czech republic, hopefullly more Sapara's or Rajnochs out there

  4. I think Nadeem is actually right come to think of it, Jim.

  5. By the way, Jim. Are you certain the Karabük match is on Monday? The TFF still have the date and time listed as undetermined.

  6. Nadeem, you are correct. Top two go to the Champions League, third and fourth, along with the cup winner, go to the Europa League.

  7. Thanks for clearing that up, Ata.

  8. Thanks Ata, Not like Jim to be wrong lol

  9. Thanks to you all for putting me right, so now I can go back to 'dream mode' !!

    The reason I said this was that I remember reading a year or two ago that UEFA was not going to allow the Cup Winners into the frame. They wanted it based on league positions.

    Obviously they have changed their mind.

    Looking to the weekend, and according to The Hurriyet and TRT, the Ankaragucu v Karabuk match is on Monday KO 8pm.

    If I see anything different in the next day or so I'll let you know