Saturday, April 16, 2011

Genclerbirligi fight back

It was all looking very depressing with Besiktas 2-0 up, looking like they were going to score more and a bit over half an hour left. Lucky I didn't leave as the ending was a cracker.

Besiktas 2 - 2 Genclerbirligi

A couple of years ago we were at the Red Lion Club and it was Spine who decided he would stay there rather then head off to watch the match. He missed Jedinak scoring against Fenerbahce from a freekick. Last night it was Flying Dutchman Kanka who stayed at the Red Lion. He missed Jedinak scoring again from a freekick. This time against Besiktas. Who is going to miss out next time?

Things certainly didn't start out well. Besiktas were all over us. Once again it was keeper who had to do a lot of work and it was only a matter of time before we cracked. Besiktas opened the scoring in almost a replay of the goal we conceded against Kayseri last week. A player near the line passed it back to a Besiktas player all on his own right in front of goal. Sloppy marking that one.

The second Besiktas goal came from another mistake. This time it was Jedinak who realised to late to go up for a header. The Besiktas player got there first and our keeper had no chance.

The five or six Besiktas fans in the pub were in good spirits while the Gencler fans, about 30 of us, were in our normal depressed state.

Then we got a free kick about 30 metres out and seemingly impossible to score from. But good 'ol Jedinak smashed it to the right of the wall and into the top of the net. Absolutely brilliant freekick.

We were playing much better than we had but it still didn't look likely that we would score but then we had a counter attacking chance and Pektemek found himself one-on-one with the keeper. Another great positioned shot and it was 2-2. Shouting and chants from us Gencler fans in the Beer Bus and finally peep...peep. It was over. A great result, especially when you consider that we had a total of two shots on target... both of them goals.

There was a bit of handbags at the end with a couple of Ankaragucu fans. I have no idea what happened but we scarpered out of there before the cops showed up.

Back to the Red Lion Club and celebratory beers with Flying Dutchman Kanka and other friends.

This Thursday we have the all important Turkish Cup semi-final second leg against Istanbul BBS. I'll be out of town but Flying Dutchman Kanka will be there (and reporting). Fingers crossed we see them off and then it will be off to Kayseri for the final (some time in late May) where we will probably be facing Besiktas.

EDIT: For another perspective check out Jeremy's blog piece on the match


  1. Anonymous9:18 pm

    another good result for Gencler and that man Mustafa Pektemek scores again OZ, Im telling you hes going to be a big player


  2. Yep, only 22 yrs. old too.

    I have to say you Gencler lot can be a lazy as f&)/. Get your butts off the bar stools to support your team. :)

  3. "lazy as f&)/." ..... and married!

    It was quite funny when Mrs. Oz Kanka in front of Oz said: "Chris, why can't you stay here with me? Look Carlo is staying."

    To which I came to Oz's rescue and said: "Well, because it is football, he has to go!"

    In my defense Mrs. Legal Kanka just returned from a two day business trip. I would have been in all kind of trouble had I left her alone to head for the footy.

    Also note the match was an away game; I would be swapping one bar stool for another, in support of my team. Besides Jedinak scored, both Spine and I took one for the team ;)

  4. Jeremy's impression of the Gencler fans:

    "I can't say anything much for the Gençler fans either. They were a rather motionless group of 30 who didn't seem to want to be there. Even after the game had been equalized, there wasn't much activity coming from their corner of the stands. They left the stadium just as quickly as everyone else, not really interested in reveling in what should have felt like victory for them."

    So all the Gencler fans made it out to Istanbul for the away match. Impressive. :)

  5. Carlo,

    Fair enough. Can't give you guys too much shit. After all it was Oz kanka who started the blog. :)