Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ankaragucu's Vittek joins our wounded; Mehmet undergoes his operation

Photo taken from the Ajansspor page

As Nadeem mentioned in his match preview, Vittek has joined the ranks of the injured in the Ankaragucu lineup. According to Ajansspor,while giving us a memorable performance during the match with Bucaspor, Vittek somehow managed to sustain a first-degree tear in his right front quad muscle. For this reason, he will definitely not be taking part in the match against Istanbul BBS this weekend.

Despite the fact that Vittek, Sapara, Sestak, Mehmet and Muhammed will all be out, however, it does appear that both Fatih and Bednar may be match ready as they are currently training with the squad. If this is indeed the case, along with Metin and Gabric, we should have sufficient fire power up front.

Amongst our players suffering injuries is Mehmet Cogum who, as you may remember, was carried of the pitch on a stretcher during the Eskisehirspor match. Well, he apparently went under the knife yesterday at Cankaya private hospital to repair damage to the ligaments and the meniscus in his left knee. He should now be on the road to recovery. We wish him the best.


  1. bad news regarding vittek, has had a bad time of it with injuries of late. As carlo was saying Klukowski and Zewlakow have both left the club

  2. Yes, they have. Bakkal definitely has his work cut out for him.

  3. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Vittek might be gone for the season if he really has torn his quad muscle.Did it meself one time and because its your kicking muscle it has to be 100% before you return else you run the risk of doing more damage.As I did!Its not something you can "get away with" as you can with some injuries.

    Dublin Neil.

  4. I'm sorry you are actually able to give us personal insight into this particular injury, Neil, but your comment does help make sense of why Sestak is still out, as, apparently, he is suffering from the same thing.

    Both are suffering from first degree tears which are, according to everything I see on the net, not so serious, but when your body is also your career, I suppose everything is serious.

    Having said that, I imagine just about anything is better than the type of knee injury Mehmet sustained.

  5. On another subject -

    There is a change in the KO time for tonight's Cup match between Gencler and Istanbul BBS.

    KO is now 7pm.

  6. Ouch, looks like the end may well be in sight for Gencler. Only twenty minutes into the game and IBB have already scored twice.

    The Istanbul defense also seem capable of closing down like a vice. Hope Mesut is watching.

    Oops make that three. That's about a goal every eight minutes. Looks like İstanbul have Gencler's number.

  7. No further goals from either team. Geçmiş olsun, Gençler.

  8. If I had access to the Gokceks (which on reflection I'm pleased I don't !!) I would spare no kurus to sign Ibrahim Akin for next season.

    He is a player in the Sapara mould, and as we have seen many times this season (and not only last night), a player who can turn a match on its head with a flash of his brilliance.

    Anyway, good luck to Istanbul BBS in the final against the hated Beshiktrash !

  9. Interesting to note that both Akın and Holosko of İBB are former Beşiktaş players.

  10. see to be honest it doesnt bother me who wins, yeah it would be nice for Istanbul BBS but they have about 50 fans so im not bothered either way. think it would be better for turkish football if Besiktas were in Europe instead of another embarassment like this season