Saturday, April 23, 2011

Technical squad pays Mehmet a visit; Rajnoch gives him the bird

Photograph taken from Ajansspor webpage

A number of members of the Ankaragucu technical squad (including Hayati Soydaş, Ahmet Temur Atalay, Veysel Aturgil, and çlub doctor Mesut Çelebi) recently visited Mehmet Cogum at home following his recent knee operation. However, according to Mehmet, not counting the the support he has received from his family, he has been most comforted by the parakeet given to him by fellow player Jan Rajnoch. Apparently, the yellow budgie in the dark blue cage makes him feel closer to his team.


  1. with so many negative stories regarding the club re players not been paid etc. One thing i have noticed is how good the club are with things like this. The have looked after young Aydin who was nearly killed in a car crash and was at the game last week against Buca.Also the gift they gave zewlakow. Well done Ankaragucu

  2. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Rajnoch has many qualities and I've just found another. He is a born diplomat !

    Can you imagine the look of disgust if he had given Mehmet a 'Yellow Canary' ??!!

    Ho ho ho ha ha ha from Eski Kanka

  3. Jan Rajnoch just seems like a class act on and off the pitch. I get the feeling that Mesut also brings the best out in his team. As long as management backs him up, I think we'll be in good shape.

  4. Seems to me that Battle Damaged Kanka has been on the optimism pills a day too early !!

    Hey Damon, the match is tomorra !!!

  5. No, Sir, that is realism. Optimism would be me saying that I actually think that management will back him up.

    We meeting for this one? Any news from Harun about whether he'll come?

  6. I'll be in The BBB at about 4pm to discuss Nadeem's match preview and to partake in some pre-match 'refreshments' !

    I'm sure that The Maniac will also be there because he just hates being called a 'Pussy Cat' !!!

  7. Ok, I'll see you then. I'll try to remember to bring the coffee maker for Harun's friend Cengiz.

  8. Anonymous12:15 am

    By the way has zewlakow also broke his contract like Klukowski?

  9. @Anonymous: Yes, Zewy has packed up and gone home. There are also a couple of Turkish players who have taken their case to the Turkish Football Federation. I'll post more details shortly.

  10. Anonymous11:25 pm

    zewy can fuck right off anyway, he was injured more than anything and doesnt deserve a contract.


  11. Nadeem, a true players' advocate lol.

    Injuries are not the fault of players unless those players engage in reckless behavior off the pitch.

    Again it goes back to the contract. I think often Turkish teams play fast and loose with these, and most foreigners are not prepared for this. Furthermore, the Ankaragücü management seem to have quite a bit of trouble fulfilling their obligations in general.

    The fact that even Uğur and Özkan have formally complained to the TFF is an indication that the Gökçeks have really gone too far.

    You may not be thrilled with Zewy's performance, but don't blame the guy for getting injured.

  12. i just hate the money players pick off for nothing, i mean Zewy would have been on good money but hardly played any games for us, happens all over football. Its ruined by money the game, although i understand what your saying in that its not his fault.