Friday, April 22, 2011



0 -


Istanbul BB



On aggregate


21 April 2011

0 - 3
0 - 3

1 - 4

Ankara Ondokuz Mayis Stadyumu


0 - 1
0 - 2
0 - 3

I. Akin 11'
I. Akin 22'
H. Tum 26'

< rant on >
Seriously? Seriously, I should just leave the report at Battle Damaged Kanka's comment as that is how much commentary this match deserves.

So here I am having rearranged prior appointments, just so I can be at this cup match. Having had a couple of beers in the Beer Bus I think to myself that it is a lovely sunny day for a game of football. I arrive at the stadium at half six and am in the gates at 6.45.

7.00 kick-off and here we go. It is obvious within five - eight minutes that the referee is dealing out the cards as if he were the black-jack dealer at a Las Vegas casino. Obviously I did not agree with his decisions. Then shock, horror Istanbul score at the ten minute mark and here I sat thinking: "Where can you see a first division team getting yellow-carded twice and be down one goal in the first ten minutes?" At a Gençlerbirliği match, that's where. Ok, so we get the early goal against, still 80 minutes to play to put things right. What ticked me off though is at how easy we conceded the goal, very amateurish. Perhaps having watched the Copa del Rey match between Barcelona and Real Madrid the night before was not an ideal precursor. But this is what I believe - a cup match, any cup match is like a final in itself, you have to give it a 100% and play as if it were for the championship's title itself.

Back to the match. Ten minutes later Istanbul get awarded a free kick just outside
Gençlerbirliği's box, Akin picks his corner and slots it in for 2 - 0. Come on, how are Gençlerbirliği not able to defend set-pieces like that. Wait, what just happened… 3 - 0. I jump up out of my seat and am now fuming over the lack of concentration and professional conduct of the team. I want to leave the stadium… NOW! Total disregard towards winning some silverware and to the fans.

Against my better judgement, I knew we were not going to score a single goal in the second half the way we were playing, I stayed and have been staring at the clock to speed it up. Five minutes before the end I leave the stadium to head to my local pub for a few bevvies and to pick some rock songs with the barman to play, alleviating my anger. And what with Hursut, I have had enough of him. Rather then passing the ball either to his right or his left to a team mate he always must prove himself he can round the player in front of him. You are not Lionel Messi! Besides Messi reads the game and puts his team mates in position through great passing.

But I get it now… no one, not a single team in the Turkish Superlig gives two hoots about this cup. It is not that we had to save ourselves for an all important up-coming league match either. Maybe it is as my wife said when I arrived home: "Cavcav sold the cup!"

Next Sunday against Kasimpassa. I don't think so, I go and enjoy a beer in the sun without the aggravation. Thank you very much. }:-[
< /rant off >


  1. Flying Dutchman Kanka, your rant is about ten times more entertaining than the match was. Please play the way you did yesterday when you play Ankaragücü next time.

  2. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Agree .......... apart from the result, I luvvd Carlo's report.

    I felt the sword going in after every goal and must praise him for staying for 80 minutes !

    However, apart from the comments about the referee and the Gencler performance, I thought Istanbul played like a team who are destined to win the Turkish Cup ....... Inshallah !

    Carlo raised another point which I have gone into for many years and that is how low in esteem the Turkish Cup is held within all areas of the Turkish Football Federation, and in Turkey in general.

    When will the TFF wise up and try to follow the example of Scotland and Ingallind ? The Cup can generate so much more dosh for the TFF, enthusiasm for the fans and prestige for the Turkish Football League.

    However, saying all this is like pissing into the wind !!!

    This Blog is not going to stay quiet on the subject !!!

    Words from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Watched the match at a fish restaurant in a town called Kucukkuyu on the Aegean Sea.

    Possibly the most embarrassing display I've seen from Gencler... and I've seen quite a few.

    I'd promised Little Oz Kanka that if we got to the final I'd take him out of school for the day.

    As the third goal went in he summed up the match with "Typical Gencler. How old do you think I will be when Gencler make it to a final?"

    My heart sank. How could I answer that truthfully?

  4. Will the sleeping TWO Ankara Giants awake and emerge from their slumber next season ?

    Watch this space for the answer !!!