Monday, April 25, 2011


From L to R - Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Brat Kankie Laura, Eski Kanka Jim and Maniac Kanka Harun ...... all sporting different team tops, but all smiling at Ankaragucu's victoreeee !!

Every picture tells a story they say. What could this one be I wonder ???!!!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

With so many players on the injured list Ankaragucu certainly exceeded my expectations, especially after the way Istanbul BBS played last week against Gencler. Perhaps Istanbul had one eye on the Cup Final, but somehow I doubt that !


A surprise team line-up from Mesut Bey with the addition of 3 young players, and they didn't disappoint either.

Team -

Ugur, Rajnoch, Kagan and Adem
Umit, Ergin, Turgut Dogan and Murat
Fatih and Gabric

Substitutes used - Guven, Umut and Bednar

Brat Kankie Laura, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Maniac Kanka Harun and I met up in the Beer Bus Bar for the 1st half, but we moved to The Cappadokia Bar for the 2nd half due to the annoying staff habit of constantly switching channels to NTV Spor for the footie results. Obviously they thought their IDHAA results were more important than watching Ankaragucu play attacking and entertaining footie. If it happens again I will do a walk-out forever !!

So, to the match, and for the 3rd time this season (in my memory) Ankaragucu raced into an early lead.

It was only 3 minutes into the match and a corner was slung over which was headed clear to Umit lurking on the 18 yard line who took it full volley and sent in a fierce shot which Oguzhan had no chance of stopping. As Nadeem said in the comments last night, congratulations on scoring on his Ankaragucu debut.

However, 5 minutes later he was being stretchered off when he fell awkwardly making a clearance in his own penalty area. Damon said that he broke his foot, so we will not be seeing him again this season, but I'm sure we will be seeing more of him next season. Great to see young players coming through the youth system.

Then on 14 minutes another peach of a goal with some great footwork from Turgut Dogan, who dragged the ball behind him, taking 2 defenders out in the process. He looked up and with Oguzhan advancing, calmly stroked the ball through his legs for No 2.

Half an hour gone, and Istanbul BBS having recovered their composure, were coming more into the match as it swung from end to end.

Approaching half time and a stupid back-pass from an Ankaragucu defender (couldn't see who was responsible !) almost gifted a goal to Istanbul, but Senecky was alert to the danger and smothered the ball at an Istanbul attacker's feet as he was about to shoot.

Settled into the Cappadokia with smiles all over Maniac's face (he prefers Tuborg to Efes) - the man has no taste !!!

A few minutes in and Murat gave away a free kick. Eski exclaims ..... 'wow, that's a first ... aggression from Murat'. Battle Damaged replied ....... 'tongue in cheek' ..... 'don't under-estimate the man' !!!

10 minutes in and Istanbul is back in the match. A free kick is sent into the box and a rather fortunate header from Metin deceived everyone (probably including himself !!) to send the ball in at the corner.

Straight from the restart and Ankaragucu had restored their 2 goal cushion. Turgut Dogan broke from the halfway line and had a one-on-one with Oguzhan with the ball breaking off Oguzhan for Turgut to shoot. However, the ball cannoned off the post, but the ever alert predator Fatih was following-up and tapped in.

There was a scare a few minutes later when Istanbul 'scored', but Rajnoch had been fouled in the lead-up and the referee quite rightly chalked it off.

On the subject of Rajnoch, he had an excellent match in the heart of the defence sweeping up all that came his way and making numerous headed clearances, and for those reasons he receives my Man of the Match award. Battle Damaged and Maniac disagreed and named Turgut as their Man of the Match. A tight call !

With 20 minutes to go, it was all over. Bednar had only just replaced Fatih and gave us a piece of individual skill to set-up No 4. He beat 2 defenders on the left touchline, played a one-two with (couldn't see who it was) and then unselfishly passed to the unmarked Gabric who had the easiest of tasks to slot in. Undoubtedly goal of the match !

It was all Ankaragucu now and Turgut almost made it 5, but his goal-bound shot came back off the post and was cleared.

Game over and all credit to Ankaragucu for an excellent display of attacking footie.

The nucleus of the team showed what they can do and it is to be hoped that The Gokceks can also see this and retain a settled team for next season. There is much to be optimistic about if they do !

Next up is the home match against Karabuk next Monday night.

Gencler travel to Sivas for the Friday night match.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. After seeing how we played away in Istanbul, I am really looking forward to the Karabuk match. I just wish it wasn't on a Monday night. I was really happy to see Bednar back on the pitch. I love his style of play.

  2. Connect Kanka5:55 pm

    I saw the highlights. Solid performance. Hilarious to see a huge, empty stadium with a patch of Ankaragucu support in it.

  3. tuborg forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! efes?? u mean sprite???

  4. I agree with most of your report Jim apart from the bit where Jan Rajnoch gifted Istanbul BBS a goal only for the referee to give us a foul, watch the highlights Jim it was never a foul and he was very lucky , but i will take it as its time we had some luck.

    My man of the match was Turgut Dogan Sahin, he has took some stick this season and ive said before, he has alot of talent but is very frustrating. He was outstanding yesterday.

    Yet again Special praise to Mesut, what a fantastic job he has done and i echo the words of the blog, please gokceks put up the cash and lets build for europe next season.

    As for Istanbul BBS, please let Besiktas beat them in the final, the scenes of no fans at yesterdays game was a joke, Besiktas will do better in Europe and at least they have fans

  5. I have to remind you Nadeem that I was looking at the match with sari/lacivert tinted glasses and not as a Class One referee !!

    The 'almost goal' at that stage could have changed the course of the match, hence our relief that Rajnoch was 'fouled' !!

    The other point which we must disagree on is supporting Beshiktrash. This will NEVER happen in the kanka group. Speaking personally, I am 100% with The Anti-X Group on this subject .... we HATE all Istanbul teams, especially 'the Big Three'.

    So, supporting Istanbul BBS is the lesser of two evils !!!

  6. i know what your Saying Jim, i just dont have any respect for Istanbul and there 12 fans

  7. you guys look so bored in that picture lol

  8. Aye, as we say in Scotland ........

    they're a sorry sicht !!!